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Dopplegangster: Greg “G” Martinez’s Dab Pendants

Greg "G" Martinez has created concentrate jewelry that also advocates for acceptance and education.

What started as a hobby for a dabbing enthusiast has become an oft-recognized delight amongst people who love concentrates and unique ways of celebrating them. 

Based in Washington state, this side hustle from Greg “G” Martinez – a brand ambassador of the renowned Smokey Point Productions – has turned into a craft that’s on the level of some of the greatest art forging around. Just like a replica of a famous painting, or an illustration that’s a remarkable facsimile to an American dollar bill, the onlooker will find themselves in awe of the similarity … barely able to discern between the real thing and the fake. 

But this is more than just faking the gooey-love-puddy that we stoners regale in a glass saucer and turning it into an eye-catching pendant. There’s a flossy element to it – a way of posting up by dangling your enthusiasm for high-end hash straight off the neck for all to witness, all the while accentuating your look. It’s jewelry, yes – but it is also advocacy for acceptance and education in a way. After all, most of the world still could not explain the differences in consistencies from diamonds to rosin. 

And speaking of diamonds, he’ll be upping his game with jewel-encrusted and gold versions in the foreseeable future. Meanwhile, Greg is beginning to work with rappers, celebrities, artists and companies with brands (with some of them even using his work for their packaging in varying states).

He will admit that the technique is not new – all hand-crafted with epoxy, ceramic, glass and other materials – and that it’s not his invention. Others around the social media world were either early pioneers of creating these, or early adopters of the craft. Either way, the cat is out of the bag and this dude has got a lead in the race. And thank goodness, because the more the better when it comes to Cannabis fashion allowing you to flaunt your love of the plant, and all the loveliness that oozes from its glowing trichomes. 

Photos by @iamcreativespace

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The first time Ricker smoked weed was at a Santana concert at the age of 12. He then followed in his footsteps as an award-winning radio personality who became notorious for offering a stage for bong toking listeners in 9 different markets over 20 years. In 2016, the Cannabis industry came calling and the rest is history.

This article was originally published in the July 2022 issue of All Magazines.

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