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Grow Tour: Lovena Green Farms

"Cleanliness is our focus, because we believe that to be the pinnacle of a smooth-functioning grow environment."

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Weaving from winery to vineyard into the city of Newberg (before making a turn at an undisclosed location), many unsuspecting onlookers would not guess this building to be an OLCC-licensed Cannabis farm. Within the city limits of Newberg, Chris and his wife have set themselves up pretty comfortably – however, this is not where it all started. Having ties to the Oregon Medical Marijuana Program since 2009, Chris has had a front-row seat to the bright horizon of recreational legalization. He first saw it from his friend’s basement tending to plants for patients, at a time where Cannabis was grown purely for medicinal purposes. The potential to produce this legally and at scale was coming to fruition.

Resinated Lens Zach Potts, Chris, and Jesse Countryman.

Fast forward to today and Chris owns and operates a 9,500-square-foot, tier-two recreational facility housing multiple buildings including a sales office, break room, and a seemingly infinite number of flowering rooms.

Upon entering the center clone foyer, we were greeted with staggered teens. Some strains were familiar, others were unexplored for the team. Oreoz and Apple Fritter lined one tier, while Fried Ice Cream Cake and Peanut Butter Breath filled the top tier of the first flower room. Just off to the side of this room is a pheno hunting and testing area. Phenotypes of Garlic Scream filled an entire table, as we all gloved up and began squeezing the fresh flowers for a smell. This went on from flower room to flower room – all multi-tier and built completely with Fluence LED lighting systems – something many farms strive to accomplish. “Sustainability will always be a practice in an industry that demands so much from its environment,” explained Chris.

When it comes to cultivars, differentiating themselves from other offerings on the shelf is a high priority. “Of course, we have Jealousy crosses, but we are not focusing on the strains that many farms are jumping on,” said Chris of his genetics. “We are sitting back and picking the one that differs from the rest of our lineup in some way.” Not only is he a purveyor of the newest terpenes, he also keeps a genetic vault on top of his ever-expanding pheno-hunt room and bustling library. “I stay up late at night and even set alarms to make sure I am on time for these strain drops,” he said. Ultimately, he wants one thing for his customers: the best he can get his hands on.

Upon first impression, Chris’ energy exudes a true passion for this industry. From clone to cure, Lovena Green has checked every box in accordance with gross domestic product standards. It’s a refreshing look into the future of Cannabis. “Cleanliness is our focus, because we believe that to be the pinnacle of a smooth-functioning grow environment,” said Chris.

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During Covid, the Cannabis market saw extreme growth in both sales and price of product, creating an interesting balancing act for those in the industry. “Balancing an ever-changing economy while under construction is never easy,” Chris explained. “We chose to put on the brakes early on – we noticed the trend in January and reacted accordingly.” Now focusing on brand expansion and new cultivars, he has high hopes for the future. “I see vertical opportunities on our horizon, and I would love to interact with our customers directly,” he concluded. And after having spent time interacting with Chris and appreciating all the amazing Cannabis coming out of Lovena Green Farms, we think his customers would enjoy that as well.

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Photos by @resinatedlens

This article was originally published in the September 2022 issue of Oregon Leaf.

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