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Off the Shelf: Attention Hash Heads!

Hash lovers looking to bring more style or function to their next sesh, need look no further…

This month’s Off the Shelf feature is for the Hash Heads! Looking to bring more style or function to your next sesh, then look no further…

First on our list is an old school hash pipe made by Ryan Irish @LikeMindedGlass. It’s used by heating the ball on the end of the ‘hot rod’ and dipping it into the pipe with hash in the bottom (where you would normally put the flower). With holes on the top instead of the bottom, you don’t have to worry about your precious hash slipping through. It’s a unique experience that expresses the sweeter, candy-like terpenes with help from the quickly glowing glass rod (soon to be a quartz rod in future models). At this temperature, you are not as likely to get massive clouds – but you are able to get the effects and flavor of the product expediently.

Next up, Eugene-based @MattitudeMats can be found at different Cannabis events showing off what he has created: a one-of-a-kind cork mat with a fully-customizable artistic touch. Rooted locally in the Northwest, ‘Jet’ Taylor has made a mark for himself in the industry with locally-made and handcrafted mats that most use for glass dabs rigs (although, they’re endlessly versatile). He has a large selection of personally created designs, but also works with brands to print logos and special projects. It’s not hard to find something that fits every style. With an ever-growing customer base in the hash community, we chose one of the original designs as an ode to the Hash Heads out there.

Finally, we have a beautiful “baller jar” from @TheMeltingOwl. This is not your regular glass concentrate jar. It was handmade with intention behind every piece – from the notched bottom for gripping to the color choice for sun protection, as well as aesthetics. The Melting Owl is based in Oregon and creates a host of dapper glass dabbing accessories. Knowing very well that the recycling of concentrate containers is well behind, we like the sustainability of these reusable glass jars. On top of being beautiful, they offer people who struggle with the typical concentrate storage an alternative to keep their goodies in. The careful attention to detail makes it easy for anyone to open and use this for anything – from extracts to terp pearls and small smoking accessories that are easily lost.

This article was originally published in the April 2023 issue of Oregon Leaf.

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