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The Magic is in the Box: Lucky Box Club’s Eliza Maroney

Eliza Maroney curates selections of quality Cannabis products for customers with Lucky Box Club.

In the Prop 215 days, Eliza and Lucaso Maroney operated a farm that served the medical market – but when Prop 64 passed – they knew they needed to adapt to the new wave. Inspired by makeup subscription boxes and their own personal stash box, Lucky Box Club was born in 2015 with the desire to bring curated, craft Cannabis to communities in need of affordable medicine.

Tell us about LBC!

Transitioning from cultivation to curation meant we needed to learn what was out there. We wanted to become an authority, a voice for craft Cannabis companies that we believed in. We smoke what we love. Is it clean? Is it effective? Where does it come from, what’s the brand story, what is the magic behind it, why do we want to support them? We set out to find unique products that are hard to come by. We focus on supporting women, minorities and other marginalized communities. They have such hurdles to overcome when it comes to getting shelf space. 

The core values of Lucky Box Club are teamwork, flexibility, integrity and magic. We are constantly reminding our team that we are here to serve. We realize we are changing our customers’ states of consciousness. We like to say we’re changing the state of the world with every gram! We serve magic. There’s magic in the box. 

Lucky Box Club caters to a mature audience of adults aged 35 and older. Tell us more about your customers!

The number one question we ask our customers is: How do you want to feel? We understand everyone is different, yet also so similar! Most people want to feel good, relaxed and more present. We’ve treated cancer patients and mourned with the families of loved ones that didn’t make it. We’re able to hold space for them. We are honored to experience and aid in their healing journey.”

Why is community so important?

Community is important to me because Lucky Box Club would not exist if it weren’t for the support from our community. We are a self-funded startup – we had zero money for marketing/staff at the beginning. People believed in us enough to volunteer and spread the world. We’re still standing, which says a lot. My circle is an intentional fortress that I’ve built around me. We all show up for each other. Unfortunately the Cannabis industry is very dog eat dog, but this industry started as a movement. We need more collaboration instead of competition. I’ve been witnessing the industry crumble. People want to shut out or outshine each other, but one of our personal mantras is, ‘I can’t be less so you can be more.’ Together, if we’re both shining, we can be twice as bright.

What is your vision for the Cannabis industry?

We are going to see many new consumers begin to trust us to give them the support and healing that they need. Cannabis is on the precipice of acceptance. It’s our job to make sure we’re giving them all we’ve got.

Photos by @luckyboxclub_cbd

This article was originally published in the May 2021 issue of California Leaf.

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