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Stoner Owners Todd Shangold and Jeremiah Ballard

“We've known each other for 25 years, since our party days out at Keene State College."

The first Crop Circle truffles rolled off the line in 2014, back when many edibles still looked a lot like what we used to make in college. Oregon was headed toward recreational sales that next year, and partners Todd Shangold and Jeremiah Ballard decided to take all of the positive feedback they had received and give their full energy to the business.

“We’ve known each other for 25 years, since our party days out at Keene State College,” Jeremiah reminisced. With a shared love for good weed, the guys followed the burgeoning medical Cannabis scene west and eventually ended up in Oregon. Settling here and dialing in their medical garden, their flower ended up on the early shelves of Tree House Collective and it became apparent that they’d need to give themselves a name going forward. “I didn’t even know what a brand was, until we needed a logo for the chocolates,” said Jeremiah.

Now, seeing the familiar truffle box in the dispensary is a sure sign that they carry quality products. The truffles are made with fine dark chocolate that enrobes an airy ganache, enhanced with hash specifically chosen to fortify the flavor of the truffle. Strawberry Guava rosin enhances the bright and fruity strawberry lemonade truffles. The Tally Mon flower cultivated by Ananada farms and then washed by the crew at BNK Solventless, provides a creamy banana essence that accents the vanilla and hazelnut. Marrying flavors like this is a rare thing to see on the dispensary shelves. “There’s only a handful of edibles on the scene here that have the same spirit of this edible,” Todd added.

Until 2019, all of the truffles had been made with kief. “We don’t like distillate in edibles,” said Todd. Jeremiah also noted that for his migraines, distillate and BHO edibles simply weren’t effective. Kief worked well and gave a more full impression of the cultivar. Now, working with well-regarded hash makers like Bo’s Nose Knows has taken their edibles up yet another notch.

The guys, along with their partners Rebecca and Denise, manage every task from R&D to delivery, and divulge that the whole thing is a labor of love. When I mention that it’s a little surprising that no one has stepped up with another medicated truffle, Todd laughs and admits they would have to be insane to try it. “We know these chocolates help so many people,” said Jeremiah. “I think that’s part of why we’re so stubborn about making them. We feel like this is a product that needs to be on the shelf.” Lucky for those of us that appreciate a craft-oriented edible, Crop Circle truffles are available on most fine dispensary menus across the state.

Photos by @dude.diana

This article was originally published in the December 2021 issue of Oregon Leaf.

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