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A Club for Connoisseurs: The Smoking Jacket

On a coast where there are plenty of cool competitions, you can look at this type of event as a club.

This successful sesh started like any other. Old friends gathered and new ones swapped selections like life stories, as if a peek into a jar was all you needed to know about each other. But there was something special in the air on September 15 at the private Archive Event Center in Portland, and it wasn’t just the top tier terps. The Smoking Jacket 2023 was kicking off – hosted by the Hashish Inn for only the second time in ‘hashstory.’

Placing in Portland 

Last year, co-creators Shoragim @thehashishinn (founder of the Hashish Inn podcast, and our wonderfully warm, welcoming host) and Adam @simp.lee.adam (creative director and our delightfully dry-humored event emcee) dreamed up the first-ever event in Los Angeles. There wasn’t supposed to be a second Smoking Jacket – but the response reflected the passion put in, and praise the hash heavens: Portland was selected.

When we stole a second of Shoragim’s time, he shared that this location made sense after recording the very first podcast episode (back in 2019) with PDX’s own Camden of PUA Extractions and Nelson & Company. The inspiration behind that first podcast was an origin story some of us can relate to: the pursuit of pain relief and above all, a passion for fine hash. 

Fast forward to 2023. Shoragim, Adam, and an amazing crew of creatives and supporting staff came together to make this event special. With sponsorships from Archive, Hashtek, Sticker Plug LA, Rosin Evolution, Zach Brown Glass, Indux Labs, Banger Basket, DabRite and ProSwabs, there wasn’t a detail left in the dust.

Rolling in Rosin

The event entries rolled in as rosin, with 34 makers and brands from nine states standing up to try their hand in friendly competition. Throughout each of the event’s three eight-hour days, maker, expert, and people’s choice judges powered through their Smoking Jacket cases – carefully scoring each of the entries based on 10 attributes: visual, consistency, fragrance/aroma, draw/exhale, flavor, aftertaste, body, balance, overall, and residue.

When we weren’t perusing our Peli’s, fraternizing with folks or tasting whatever terps were the talk of the table, our attention was turned to the stage, where “Resin Talks” took place in panel form on topics from cultivation to melt. “Resin Tastings” walked us first-hand through flavors with several makers, while the crowd asked questions and tasted together. For a little extra fun, Real Deal Resin’s Hot Dabs Podcast rocked a few folks’ worlds while recording live.   

Joining the Club

At $1,000 per competitor ticket and $1,350 per People’s Choice pass, the price allowed for a caliber of competitors and judges unique to The Smoking Jacket. Taking into consideration all of the above and the heavy amount of heavenly hash here (while the rosin entries were rockin’, many makers shared their best melt at the table), it’s an entry price we found few frowning over. It helped that the hosts were gracious in their goodie-bags and provided three straight days of fuel in the form of Howdy Coffee, Ski.Hi Foods and Demarco’s Sandwiches.

If for some reason you weren’t feeling well-fed and dazzled by the dabs, the network of knowledge alone was worth the ticket tag. There were a staggering number of leaders and living legends in hash and horticulture in attendance, from expert judges to the winner’s circle. On a coast where there are plenty of cool cups, competitions and community gatherings, you can look at this type of event as a club. It’s a communion of connoisseurs looking for an exclusive experience … or maybe even their own Smoking Jacket.

Judging with Expertise 

Jay @professorsift
Kaya @pacificnwrootz
Chris @dammit__bobby_
Andrea @slite23
Amanda @yashimelts
Brandon @kushkirk
Julian @dablogic 

Crushing the Competition

1st Place Expert Judges – Fort Wendy “Yellow Zushi”
2nd Place Expert Judges – Turtle Trees “OG Pie Breath”
3rd Place Expert Judges – Trichome Tortoise “Super Boof”

1st Place Maker’s Choice – The Real Cannabis Chris “Michael Jordan”

1st Place People’s Choice – The Real Cannabis Chris “Michael Jordan”

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Photos by @extractsdaily

This article was originally published in the October 2023 issue of Oregon Leaf.

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