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Off The Shelf: Banger Baskets

This is one of those accessories that levels up your entire dabbing experience.

Photos by Amanda Day

On the topic of glass, let’s discuss a subject that you might first find boring: banger maintenance. But bear with us for this one-minute read and we’ll transform your cleaning into a sophisticated and smooth process with a colorful kick.

As any dabber with respect for their glass hygiene can attest, keeping your bangers, carb caps, towers and terp pearls clean can be intolerably time-consuming. The Q-tips pile up and so does our patience. Introducing Banger Baskets: A brilliant borosilicate glass and injection-molded cleaning system made by our neighbors to the north in British Columbia. Owner and operator Kyle LeGrow has dabbled in many Cannabis creative outlets along his journey, but “the first dual dunk station on the market” was born out of necessity. 

We field-tested these at The Hashish Inn’s 2023 Smoking Jacket in Portland, where Banger Baskets lined the community tables of dabbers and judges. Three days of heavy dabbing and several-hundred dirtied bangers were no match for this versatile, reusable dunk tank. This is one of those accessories that levels up your entire dabbing experience, and we haven’t looked back since snagging our own. There’s even an option to order crispy-clean customs individually or in bulk, which offers a cool and casual way to showcase your brand or commemorate an event, party-favor style. 

As for the function of these clever contraptions, it’s quite simple. Each side of the dual tank design includes a custom strainer-like basket. Just fill each side of the glass container with clean 99% ISO alcohol and it’s ready to use. The nifty ridges in the basket provide a safety split for soaking two bangers or accessories at once (without them bumping into each other). The handles on top of each basket save your fingertips from the dreaded ISO drench, while the lid provides a safe and secure barrier during soak or storage. Dirty accessories are placed in one side to soak (it’s important to make sure bangers are below 300 degrees Fahrenheit in order to avoid combustion). Once you’ve given your accessory a rinse in the opposite, “clean” side of the Banger Basket and a quick wipe down, you’re ready to fire up the torch again!

saveyourbanger.com | @bangerbasket

Photos by @terpodactyl_media

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