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Pairings: A Hashy Hype Up

Collab’s Pot of Gold Pre-Roll paired with Reign White’s Gummy Bear Energy Drink.

Climb to the throne of stoned energetic perfection with the heady combination of a Collab joint with the zero sugar, high energy fuel that Reign’s the bake-and-gym day.

There’s two general philosophies on smoking weed before exercise: Some pregame, while others celebrate in the post-workout glow. However, the high-functioning stoners will do both. That’s why we paired the Collab by PICC pre-roll – the high-tech infused joints with a concentrate core – with a supreme energy drink. Being active and on the go requires energy, and serious pow-pow when it comes to joints.

What we love about Collab is the combination of a craft farm with a craft processor. PICC is the joint rolling technology that powers the Collab to deliver a technically precise and consistent smoking experience with a variety of flower and hash. This Mac & White Gummy hash rosin infused joint reeks of fuelly lemons and warming earthy citrus when the signature orange stopper pops out, while a fizzy grape tang adds to the flavor when dry puffed. The patented spiral tip/roll tip burns clean – delivering a heady and hashy joint that’s incredibly smooth.

The tech behind the joint creates a vapor point within it for the concentrate, delivering the flavor of the hash with the smoothness of the flower burning – resulting in heady effects that redefine how stoned a pre-roll can get you. This is where the energy drink comes in: Caffeine and Cannabis are so popular, we did a Leaf Life Podcast about it! The White Gummy Bear flavor is a nostalgic twist on the taste – with a pineapple note that’s a little sour, sweet without being overpowering, and hits the classic flavor that captivates taste buds.

Combined, the Collab joint and Reign send the head floating high above the body, sitting on a mental throne above the galactic meat suit we call our bodies, ready for activity in the gym or the virtual world.

Product Info:
Collab by PICC
Pot of Gold Mac Flower with Hanzo Gardens White Gummy Hash Rosin

piccplatform.com | reignbodyfuel.com | @piccplatform | @reignbodyfuel

Photos by @bermanphotos

This article was originally published in the September 2023 issue of Northwest Leaf.

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