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Dark Web

from Alien Labs

Bright, ethereal streaks of violet highlight an otherworldly color palette.

As the would-be captains of the Cannabis industry work to get the paneling riveted to the sides of their rocket ships before they hit the vast vacuum of The Space, Alien Labs seemingly scoots past with FTL-driven velocity. You have to love seeing a legacy operator like Ted Lidie turn his love for weed, pop culture, comics and science fiction into a leading brand in multiple states. 

The Leaf is no stranger to Alien Labs. We’ve sung their praises before and have been particularly stoked on the hash collabs they’ve put together with like-minded OGs like Marc Hammond and the Kalya crew. But it’s been a few years since we gave Alien Labs’ flower a close-up. So, when we heard they were dropping a new hybrid of unknown genetic lineage (obviously of Alien origin) called Dark Web, our interest was piqued.

Soon enough we got our hands on a jar of Dark Web – without even having to access a TOR server to get it – and dissected it on our examination table.

This flower exemplifies the term – it’s sweet, floral and shockingly beautiful. When you break open the tightly stacked, substantially formed buds, bright, ethereal streaks of violet highlight an otherworldly color palette. 

The smoke is as stellar as anything Alien – on the top end of that esteemed spectrum, even. And the effect is relaxing enough to calm the nerves for the trip to space, but won’t put you in cryogenic sleep for the journey.  

alienlabs.org | @alienlabs

This article was originally published in the May 2024 issue of California Leaf.

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