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from Preferred Gardens

A gassy, trichome-sprinkled candy confection.

Pheno Hunted and Cultivated by Preferred Gardens | Bred by Uncle Dad Vibes

Out of the more than 260 strains currently under Preferred Gardens’ multiple roofs, it takes a lot to stand out from a stellar pack. 

Owner David Polley’s career as an indoor and mixed-light California Cannabis cultivator is almost old enough to vote, and his greater Sacramento-area grows push out some serious fire – so much so, that we’ve been debating what flower to feature from his lineup. 

When we got our hands on a recent batch of Znackz, we knew the search was over. 

A gassy, trichome-sprinkled candy confection, this delectable cross between Chauffeur and Runtz starts off sticky and ends up in a mouthwatering exhale – complete with notes of grape, coriander, strawberry, masa, and the ubiquitous fuel notes demanded by the prevailing palate of the day.

The resinous nugs pull apart with a gacky reluctance, leaving the fingertips gluey and liable to decimate a few rolling papers. The smoke is smooth, with an easy draw and white ash stacked on the tip of the joint. 

Polley’s power as a grower comes from his determination to hunt for new genetics to cultivate under the Preferred label. He refuses to source any outside flower – a common practice for companies whose sell-through outpaces their output – and Polley stands by this, saying, “If I don’t grow it, I don’t sell it.”

So he’s perpetually on the hunt, popping 50 seeds a week, cross-breeding and trying to find the next unicorn – all while simultaneously expanding to new states. Preferred is currently in Michigan, just launched in Florida, and will be expanding to Arizona next. We definitely want to see what Polley pushes on the next California drop, especially if he keeps these Znackz on the menu. 

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