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South Dakota Supreme Court Nullifies Marijuana Legalization

The South Dakota Supreme Court on Wednesday overruled the people of the state. The court nullified legal adult-use weed.

64,000 Lb. Michigan Marijuana Recall: ‘Bureaucratic Abuse’?

Viridis, the largest Cannabis testing lab in Michigan, is accusing state regulators of a politically motivated attack

Oregon Cops Grab $500 Million In Untaxed Cannabis

250 tons of weed was seized in a bust outside Medford, Oregon. The cops claimed it had a street value of $500 million

Smell Of Marijuana No Longer Probable Cause In Illinois

The smell of raw marijuana, since legalization, doesn’t give probable cause for warrantless search, a court ruled Friday

Germany Poised To Legalize Cannabis

Germany’s coalition government is seriously considering legalizing Cannabis in the next legislative session

Liberals Back Legalization; Conservatives Oppose: Survey

“Both sides” arguments may have increasing merit. But more conservatives than liberals oppose legalization.

Super Bowl Champ Arrested With 3+ Pounds Of Weed

Nigel Bradham, linebacker on the Philadelphia Eagles team that won Super Bowl LII, was arrested in Florida

Indiana Democrats Pushing To Legalize Marijuana

The Indiana Democratic Party is quite aware of polls showing almost 80 percent of Hoosiers support legalization

Marijuana Dispensary Is Next To Chicago’s Wrigley Field

A new Cannabis dispensary in Chicago has opened just 400 feet from the legendary baseball venue, Wrigley Field

Traffic Injuries Didn’t Increase After Canada Legalized: Study

We Knew This Dept.: Marijuana legalization did not result in increased traffic injuries in Canada, a new study has found

Massachusetts Moves to Allow Medical Marijuana Insurance

“Cannabis is medicine, it’s indisputable,” said Dr. Ryan Zacklin. “Medication, it’s all covered.”

Angry Medical Marijuana Meeting Lasts Only 5 Minutes

Meeting ends in disarray after outgoing mayor appoints herself to the medical marijuana commission then cancels

34 Busted For Growing Untaxed Marijuana In California

It’s a sad and repetitive spectacle, and one we’d hoped to leave behind when Cannabis prohibition officially “ended.”