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Louisiana Senate Candidate Smokes Weed In Campaign Ad

Democratic U.S. Senate candidate Gary Chambers Jr. smokes marijuana in a field while talking about Cannabis reform

Thailand Plans To Decriminalize Cannabis

Decrim will move Thailand a step closer to legalizing adult use of the herb. Cannabis possession can get you 15 years

Kansas GOP To Medical Marijuana Patients: Go Away

A Kansas House-passed bill to legalize medical marijuana has seemingly been blown to Oz in a tornado.

Arkansas Gives Last 2 Medical Marijuana Dispensary Licenses

The state will now have a total of 40 dispensaries. The two new shops will be in Garland County and in Texarkana

Maryland Lawmakers Move To Legalize Marijuana

The Maryland House and Senate are working on separate legalization plans. If they agree it would be on November’s ballot

Mississippians Hopeful As Medical Marijuana Bill Filed

Mississippi advocates are still waiting to see what will happen with medical marijuana. All eyes are on the Legislature

New Orleans Cops No Longer Arrest For Simple Pot Possession

The New Orleans Police Department announced beginning this week they will no longer issue citations for weed possession

Alabama Gubernatorial Candidate Wants To Legalize Weed

“I want to open up the free trade of cannabis in Alabama without regulations,” said Democrat Chad “Chig” Martin

Second Marijuana Legalization Petition Filed In Oklahoma

Oklahoma voters could see two competing questions to legalize Cannabis. This one would not alter the state Constitution

Iowa Democrats Reveal Marijuana Legalization Plan

“Let’s give Iowans the freedom to vote on this issue,” said state Sen. Janet Petersen of the adult-use proposal

Montana: $1.5 Million In Legal Marijuana Sales First 2 Days

Montana marijuana shops made their first sales to adult-use customers on New Year’s Day. It was a big day.

Louisiana Patients Get Smokable Medical Marijuana

Flower is available in Louisiana’s nine medical Cannabis dispensaries, and patients are happy... except with the prices

Beto O’Rourke: We Will Legalize Marijuana In Texas

“When I am governor, we are going to legalize marijuana,” says Texas gubernatorial candidate Beto O’Rourke