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California State Fair announces first-ever Cannabis Awards

California State Fair announced its first-ever Cannabis Awards, to take place during the event in July 2022.

Chicago Relaxes Zoning For Downtown Marijuana Sales

The Windy City may soon be the Weed City. The City Council has approved the mayor’s plan to allow weed sales downtown.

90% Of Maine Towns Still Don’t Allow Adult-Use Weed Sales

Across the state, only 47 of about 500 cities and towns in Maine allow adult-use Cannabis retailers

Finland Green Party Loses 50 Members Over Legalization

Meanwhile, at least 20 others have joined the Greens, and a vigorous nationwide debate has been ignited.

South Dakota: Major Marijuana Legalization Drive Underway

Activists are ramping up for a major signature gathering effort to once again put legalization on the ballot for 2022

Virginia Cannabis Arrests In Free Fall After Legalization

Marijuana arrests have plummeted more than 90 percent in the Richmond region since Virginia’s legalization of Cannabis

New Jersey Expunged 362,000 Pot Cases This Year

New Jersey courts expunged 362K low-level marijuana cases over the summer, clearing a massive amount of criminal records

Garbage Truck Crash Reveals Unlicensed Marijuana Grow

An crash involving a Michigan garbage truck has led to the discovery of an unlicensed marijuana grow operation.

Congresswoman Opposes Legalization; Owns Pot Stocks

GOP Rep. Virginia Foxx’s record shows she opposes legalization. But that doesn’t stop her from cashing in on pot stocks.

Cannabis Use Hits Record Levels Among College-Age Youth

Marijuana use continues to rise among college students and college-age youth, and remains at historically high levels

Nebraska Group Launches 2022 Medical Marijuana Initiatives

A 2022 ballot campaign for medical marijuana is underway in Nebraska. Activists are launching a signature drive

Cannabis Legalization Does Not Increase Teen Use: Study

Folks who try to tell you legalizing weed leads to increased teen use basically don’t know what they’re talking about