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Connecticut Governor Threatens Cannabis Legalization Veto

But Gov. Ned Lamont predicts that within a week, he’ll sign a version closer to the original bill into law

Louisiana Governor Signs Marijuana Decriminalization Law

Gov. John Bel Edwards may deny it’s decrim until the cows come home... but it’s definitely decrim

Louisiana Marijuana Decrim Bill Heads To Governor’s Desk

The bill would set a maximum $100 fine for half an ounce or less of Cannabis, no matter how many times you get caught

Idaho Group Wants Legal Home Possession Of Out-of-State Weed

The Idaho measure would decrim possession of up to 3 ounces of Cannabis at home with the property owner’s permission

Federal Marijuana Prohibition Would End Under New Bill

The historic bill would completely remove Cannabis from the list of Controlled Substances

Federal Marijuana Legalization Bill Coming This Week

A long-awaited federal legalization bill will be introduced by Democrats in Congress, and it’s better than ever

Louisiana Legalization ‘Going To Happen,’ Gov. Edwards Says

Louisiana won’t be legalizing weed this year, but it’s just a matter of time, according to Gov. John Bel Edwards.

Minnesota House Approves Marijuana Legalization Bill

The bill, passed on a 72-61 vote, now faces daunting prospects in the GOP-controlled Minnesota Senate.

Schumer Says He Will Soon Introduce Federal Legalization Bill

“There’s real excitement to do this in the country right now,” said Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer

Garland Says Feds Won’t Go After Marijuana Users In Legal States

Atty. Gen. Garland has reaffirmed the DOJ shouldn’t use its resources to go after Cannabis users in legal states

Marijuana Data Collection Act Would Help Feds Learn From Legal States

The feds would create a central repository of data from legal states under the Marijuana Data Collection Act

Louisiana Legalization Bill Advances To Full House

Long shot? Maybe. But it’s the first legalization bill ever to be considered by the full Louisiana House

K9s In Virginia Will No Longer Look For Weed

It’s the changing of the guard. Police dogs trained to alert for Cannabis will no longer be used in Virginia.

Montana Legalization Bill Passes Senate

When Montana voters approved Cannabis legalization at the ballot box last November, it was just the beginning.

Connecticut Governor Asks N.M. Governor For Legalization Advice

Sometimes, when trying to get something done, it’s best to ask someone who’s already done it.

Virginia Governor Signs Bill Officially Legalizing Cannabis

The 16th state to legalize pot is also the first Southern state to approve the reform.

Connecticut Gov’s Pot Bill Gets a Rewrite

A series of amendments emphasizing social equity are giving Gov. Lamont's legalization bill new life.

New Mexico Legalizes Cannabis!

Following a flurry of reform in 2021, New Mexico becomes the latest state to pass an adult-use marijuana law.

Rhode Island’s Adult-Use Push

While competing legalization proposals from lawmakers are vetted, Rhode Island inches closer to a recreational pot plan.

Is New York Next?

New York is close to legalizing recreational cannabis, and the final bill could be better than advocates anticipated.