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South Dakota Lawmakers Advance Marijuana Legalization Bill

South Dakota's new medical marijuana law only passed last year. But it could be replaced with adult-use legalization

New York Announces Employers Can’t Test For Weed

New York employers are no longer allowed to test most workers for marijuana, the state announced this week

Crist: I Would Legalize Marijuana As Florida Governor

Florida gubernatorial candidate Charlie Crist announced Thursday that, if elected, he would legalize marijuana

Ohio Pot Legalization Bill Backed By 2 GOP Lawmakers

There’s a new push for Cannabis legalization in Ohio, this time being backed by two Republican state Representatives

Sens. Warren, Booker Pressure AG Garland To Legalize Pot

There’s more than one way to get it done. Warren and Booker know this. That’s why they want AG Garland to legalize weed

Oklahoma Group Files Petition To Legalize Marijuana

The initiative would allow adults to possess 8 ounces of marijuana and to grow 12 Cannabis plants

Pennsylvania GOP Senator: It’s Time To Legalize Marijuana

GOP Sen. Mike Regan, a former U.S. marshal, spent years fighting the Drug War. But he’s now calling for pot legalization

Pennsylvania Lawmakers Introduce Pot Legalization Bill

Two Pennsylvania lawmakers on Tuesday introduced new legislation to legalize adult-use marijuana in the Keystone Stone.

LA County DA Dismisses Nearly 30,000 Pot Cases

The Los Angeles County DA’s office is in the process of dismissing about 60,000 marijuana convictions

House Prepares For Federal Marijuana Legalization Vote

The House Judiciary Committee will vote Wednesday on Chairman Jerrold Nadler’s federal Cannabis legalization bill.

Chicago Relaxes Zoning For Downtown Marijuana Sales

The Windy City may soon be the Weed City. The City Council has approved the mayor’s plan to allow weed sales downtown.

Finland Green Party Loses 50 Members Over Legalization

Meanwhile, at least 20 others have joined the Greens, and a vigorous nationwide debate has been ignited.

South Dakota: Major Marijuana Legalization Drive Underway

Activists are ramping up for a major signature gathering effort to once again put legalization on the ballot for 2022

Virginia Cannabis Arrests In Free Fall After Legalization

Marijuana arrests have plummeted more than 90 percent in the Richmond region since Virginia’s legalization of Cannabis

New Jersey Expunged 362,000 Pot Cases This Year

New Jersey courts expunged 362K low-level marijuana cases over the summer, clearing a massive amount of criminal records

Cannabis Legalization Does Not Increase Teen Use: Study

Folks who try to tell you legalizing weed leads to increased teen use basically don’t know what they’re talking about

Groups Support Federal Legalization; Offer Feedback

Cannabis groups have widely celebrated the federal Cannabis legalization bill. But they have suggestions for improvement

Ohio Marijuana Legalization Drive Certified; Signature Time

Its Go Time for those who want a Cannabis legalization initiative on the 2022 Ohio ballot. And by Go we mean signatures.

Missouri Activists File 2022 Marijuana Legalization Initiative

Missouri activists last week filed a ballot initiative to legalize cannabis for adults in the state

New York Gov. Hochul Puts Legal Weed On The Front Burner

N.Y. Gov. Kathy Hochul says getting the state’s legal Cannabis sales program up and running will be a high priority.