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Ohio Marijuana Legalization Bill Introduced

It’s the first time a bill of this kind has ever been introduced in the Ohio Legislature.

Virginia Tenants Still At Risk, Even Under Legalization

So, now that marijuana is legal in Virginia, why do renters still risk homelessness for using it?

Ohio Group: If Legislature Doesn’t Legalize, Let People Vote

An Ohio group has a plan for Cannabis legalization: Give the Legislature a chance to do it, then take it to the people

Arkansas Group Wants Weed Legalization On 2022 Ballot

A group called Arkansas True Grass is gathering signatures to put an adult-use amendment on next year’s state ballot

Florida Marijuana Legalization Push Gaining Steam

A new survey shows a majority of Florida voters are in support of Cannabis legalization. So why isn’t weed legal there?

Up to 3 Oz. Marijuana Now OK At N.Y. Airport Checkpoints

The TSA is focusing on bombs and explosives, and in New York, they no longer care about your Cannabis

Schumer Says Ending Marijuana Prohibition A Top Priority

The bill would lift the federal prohibition on marijuana and allow state-legal Cannabis businesses access to banking

Ohio Lawmakers Draft Marijuana Legalization Bill

Under the bill, adults 21 and older could buy and possess up to 5 ounces of marijuana at a time and grow up to 12 plants

New Bill Would Legalize Weed, End Federal Prohibition

Does the long-awaited federal legalization bill stand a chance? Yes, if you pressure the Senate.

Bill Would Allow Tennessee Vote On Marijuana Legalization

A Tennessee lawmaker wants to put non-binding recreational and medical marijuana questions on the ballot next year.

Cunningham: I Will Legalize Marijuana In South Carolina

Former Congressman Cunningham said the people of his state support Cannabis legalization

S.D. Activists File 4 Legalization Initiatives After Vote Nullified

South Dakota Cannabis advocates are refusing to give up —even after voter-approved legalization was struck down in court

Legalization: Here Are the 3 States Where It Just Kicked In

Connecticut, South Dakota, and Virginia all had new marijuana legalization laws kick on July 1. Here are the changes

New Mexico Cannabis Legalization Effective June 29

Adult use — and growing — will become legal in New Mexico. But residents can’t legally buy weed until next year

Virginia Group Giving Out Free Seeds To Celebrate Legalization

Virginia Marijuana Justice will be giving out the free Cannabis seeds July 1 at three locations

Texas Voters Overwhelmingly Support Marijuana Legalization

Support for marijuana legalization spans across party lines in Texas. Younger people 18-29 are most supportive

Connecticut Governor Signs Marijuana Legalization Law

And then there were 19! Connecticut legalization kicks in on July 1, and legal sales should begin next summer.

Connecticut Legalizes Marijuana, And It Kicks In July 1

Get ready! Connecticut’s shiny new adult-use cannabis law takes effect in less than two weeks!

Connecticut Lawmakers Legalize It!

The state legislature has approved Cannabis legalization and all signs point to Gov. Lamont signing the bill into law.

Connecticut Governor Threatens Cannabis Legalization Veto

But Gov. Ned Lamont predicts that within a week, he’ll sign a version closer to the original bill into law