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Spokane’s Designing Budtender

"Cannabis turns a frown into a smile."

Bo is filled with gratitude for the opportunity to do what he loves. As more of a way of life than a hobby, he enjoys collecting seeds and growing – hoping to one day create a strain of his own. 

You were a plumber before you got into the Cannabis game. Plumbing is all about fixing people’s drains. What do you think Cannabis fixes?

It fixes people’s souls. It fixes your mind, your mood – it’ll fix your whole day. Cannabis turns a frown into a smile. 

Bad plumbing sucks, so it sounds like you love fixing people’s day no matter what you do.


Justin David Wilson is the owner of Peace Of Mind. He started the business as a group of headshops before expanding into Cannabis. Do you love him as much as The Leaf loves him?

Yeah, he’s so cool. He stops in often just to tell everybody to have a great day and then high fives us. In a lot of companies, you don’t see the owner too much, but he’ll stand in line like a regular customer and buy products from us. 

So, what part of gravity pulled you into the weed business?

I’m originally from the Fillmore district right in the heart of San Francisco. My family grew and sold. Honestly, I was trying to get into bartending and I had a buddy who pushed me to try out this instead, and I’m so glad I did because it’s where I belong. I just love selling people the best weed – because when they come back and tell me that it was fire, it puts a big smile on my face. 

The city of San Francisco is responsible for the genesis of legal Cannabis. How has that influenced you in your desire to make a career out of this industry?

It’s huge. And as the industry gets bigger, I would love to travel around and experience all the excellent products. My real dream, however, is to succeed with my clothing line that integrates Cannabis into the design. If I can bring my own sense of fashion and style into Cannabis, that’s where I’d like to be. 

What’s the name of the clothing line?

It’s Bosido. Dosido is one of my favorite strains, so it makes sense. 

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About Mike Ricker

The first time Ricker smoked weed was at a Santana concert at the age of 12. He then followed in his footsteps as an award-winning radio personality who became notorious for offering a stage for bong toking listeners in 9 different markets over 20 years. In 2016, the Cannabis industry came calling and the rest is history.

This article was originally published in the December 2020 issue of Northwest Leaf.

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