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Budtender Zack Reasor from Kush 21

Zack Reasor changed paths from parking cars to recommending pot. Now he has a rewarding career in the Cannabis industry.

He’s a passionate sports fan who is into coaching baseball. And if you can’t find him at the shop or on the field, he’s probably hanging with his besties – his dogs and kitten. 

You spent 10 years as a professional valet before you got into Cannabis. What inspired you to change gigs?
I just wanted to get out of that industry because it can be stressful dealing with high-end vehicles. I was already spending a lot of money on weed and the Cannabis industry appeared to be a more chill environment and community.

What was it like doing valet?
We did a lot of events and private stuff. We worked with the Seahawks at their training camp and their Christmas parties. I got really good at finding parking spaces in Downtown Seattle. 

Did you ever drive stoned?
On the record, no. Allegedly, it may be possible that some drivers who look like me might have used Cannabis pretty much every day on every drive, but I wouldn’t know anything about that. Cannabis helps you deal with pressure and new hires and stuff. Oftentimes, we had to deal with people from different countries with foreign dialects and it’s not always easy to keep your cool when their customer service practices aren’t the same as ours. I did enjoy meeting people from all over the world, though.  

How has this experience turned into good practices at the great Kush 21?
Good people skills are a must when budtending, so it prepared me for that. In the valet business, you’ve got to know how to deal with conflicts and resolutions, and you can’t reciprocate those emotions when people are frustrated. It is a lot easier dealing with people who just want to find some good bud. 

If you were to go back to the valet biz, would it be your ultimate goal to legally drive a high-end bus full of stoners?
Never thought of that. In fact, nothing could get me back into that business (laughs).

Photos by @nwleaf

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This article was originally published in the August 2022 issue of Northwest Leaf.

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