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Cosmic Cannabis’ Gavin Spudwills

Cannabis inhances Spudwills other passion--playing Dungeons and Dragons.

Gavin Spudwills’ two rescue dogs, Zelda and Ganon, are trusted companions when doodling sketches in his time away from the shop. In addition, he’s also putting that pen to paper to develop Dungeons & Dragons campaigns, for a more personalized effect when playing with friends. 

Do you smoke weed when you play D & D?

Oh, absolutely. That’s the best way to play. 

Does Cannabis give you the strategic edge?

I feel that it gives me the ability to express myself easier, which makes me a better player. Being baked allows you to be less aware of any awkward feelings, so you can just have fun. It’s really nature’s best stress reliever and allows me to get into the zone and try to process everything from a calm state, rather than an anxious one. 

When you’re budtending, does your gaming make you better at what you do?

Oddly enough, I do have one regular who says he plays professionally, so we have interesting discussions based on what he’s purchasing. I generally do ask people what they plan on doing when they are making a purchase, rather than what percentage they are looking for, or the requisite indica or sativa question. Then I can get an idea of how to better suit their day. 

Do you prefer the Dungeons or the Dragons?

Definitely the Dungeons. The story I’m writing is based on Rick and Morty. So, there’s no Dragons – it’s all just ridiculous comedic effect. 

If you were smoking a bowl with Rick and Morty, which strain would you puff?

Romulan, of course. 

Photos by @shipeshots

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This article was originally published in the October 2021 issue of Alaska Leaf.

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