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Eugene OG’ Jamal Gipson

"I’m super chill for the most part and that’s generally what I go for … something chill and purple."

Originally from Maryland, Jamal Gipson traded his East Coast living for West Coast ways when his time at the University of Oregon introduced him to the surrounding Eugene scene. Becoming a regular at Eugene OG (one of the closest dispensaries to the campus), it was only a matter of time before he was brought on as a budtender in 2016. These days, he’s one of the OGs of the shop and a friendly face behind the counter that’s always ready with a warm welcome.  

You’re on your way to work and in need of a little extra pre-shift boost: What track are you popping on for the drive?
Oh man, probably some Beyonce ‘Already.’ It’s from ‘The Lion King’ album … and it’s literally what I put on this morning on my way here.

Let’s say it’s Friday and you’re feeling like some fun. What are you grabbing off the shelf and getting into for the evening?
So, I’m probably going to grab some sort of sativa pre-roll or gram. Then head downtown and go to Jameson’s, have a beer or two and end up at The Drake … like dancing the night away.

You’re someone that exudes a strong sense of self and I know that you share a lot about your journey in learning to love and express yourself. Do you think Cannabis has been a part of that journey?
Totally! It goes hand in hand with the anxiety thing. I feel like Cannabis will show you aspects of yourself that you try to hide, and that’s great for shadow work and stuff like that. So, when you start intentionally using it and sitting down with some issue that you have or some recurring problem, intentionally deciding ‘I’m going to attack this’ or ‘I’m going to work through this’ will assist in that. In my experience, the mindset you get into can assist in stepping back and looking at yourself from an outside perspective, which usually helps. We’re usually just too close to the problem. 

If you were a Cannabis plant, what terpene profile would you have and why?
If I was a plant I think I would be pretty dominant in myrcene and beta-caryophyllene. Definitely a little bit purple … I’m super chill for the most part and that’s generally what I go for. Something chill and purple.

If you could change one thing about the Oregon Cannabis industry, what would it be?
I’d probably change the industry standard for how much budtenders get paid per hour. I definitely think that if there was more of a standard set, then there would be higher expectations. I think this industry can afford to pay budtenders more per hour. But because there is no standard, why would they?

Photos by @Terpodactyl_media

This article was originally published in the March 2022 issue of Oregon Leaf.

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