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From Bartending to Budtending

"Budtending is a lot calmer and customers are happier for the most part. Bartending was a lot of free therapy sessions."

GoodSinse budtender Stephanie Poeschel is an avid horror fanatic, which is the impetus for her badass collection of art. And her love of animals has a profound influence on how she lives life, while always looking to capture a unique perspective of the world through the lens of her camera.  

What’s your proud alma mater in Fairbanks?
I went to a number of schools because we moved around a bit when I was growing up, but West Valley is definitely my home high school. 

What did you do before getting into the Cannabis biz?
I mostly bartended.

How do you compare budtending to bartending?
Budtending is a lot calmer and customers are happier for the most part. Bartending was a lot of free therapy sessions with angry outbursts, it was just a far more unpredictable environment. People are way more level-headed in this game compared to the bar business. 

It sounds like you have a bad taste in your mouth and that’s not just referring to the Jagermeister! When legal consumption lounges eventually open, would you be inclined to pour a tap of vapor behind the counter?
Oooh. I’m trying to picture what that would look like, but I think I would go for it because of my experience with working in a fast-paced environment. I think being able to understand what people’s needs are is important, and with a history in both industries, I would be well-suited for that. 

You’re a painter, what is your expertise?
I’m really into doing portraits of people. I mean, I haven’t tried animals yet, but I think that would be fun to do.

What about a portrait of a gorgeous nug? And what expression would you give it?
Hmmm, I would give it a very chill expression. Do some drooping eyes, the typical stoner look.

Photos by @ShipeShots

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