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Joint Rivers’ Outdoorsy Budtender

This activist turned budtender once walked from Seattle to Oakland.

Swimming, canoeing or kayaking is where you’ll often find this outdoor enthusiast – or seeking new adventures on the road to add to his intrepid travels. With a passion for learning and understanding other cultural values, Roy Murphy is deeply interested in people’s worldly views. 

How did you venture into the Cannabiz?

I was traveling and seeing the world and when I came back, I learned that my tribe was opening a dispensary – so I thought that it would be nice to not be in the black market world and get a gig.

Where did your travels take you?

I walked on foot from Cali to D.C. through all the central states, and I walked from Seattle to Minnesota on foot. I ran from Seattle to Oakland, which took me a month and a half. No rides, no nothing – it was pretty intense.

Are you fucking serious?

Yeah, I went through Highway 101 from Seattle to Oakland, basically from town to town. That one was for Drug and Alcohol and Domestic Violence Awareness. 

What sort of results did you achieve from those amazing accomplishments?

We had more than 1,200 people take part in anonymous survey results so we could lobby the government to let them know there’s not enough attention being given to reservations, as far as the abuse of hard drugs and narcotics. There were eight official tribes out of about 560 that we got to see out of those three years of traveling who got more funding from the government because of the surveys. 

Is there somewhere people can see your journey?

I did most of my protest and activism stuff on Facebook. I had one video that had about 40,000 views. You can check me out at Roy Murphy. 

Do you think Cannabis can be a good solution for people with addiction to narcotics?

Yes, I think it’s a good solution.

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About Mike Ricker

The first time Ricker smoked weed was at a Santana concert at the age of 12. He then followed in his footsteps as an award-winning radio personality who became notorious for offering a stage for bong toking listeners in 9 different markets over 20 years. In 2016, the Cannabis industry came calling and the rest is history.

This article was originally published in the May 2021 issue of Northwest Leaf.

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