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Twenty After Four’s Paul Lucchesi

"My main goal is not to sell products, but to sell an experience."

A self-proclaimed modern-day hippie, budtender Paul Lucchesi is very passionate about motivating others to be the best versions of themselves possible. He strives to make a 1% improvement each day. Living a simple but fulfilling life, Lucchesi thoroughly enjoys spending his free time in nature, as well as woodworking projects, including cat furniture and more!

What are some ways that you go above and beyond to service every person’s needs and desires?

I always try to remove my ego when I talk to people. I try to talk to them with excitement. My main goal is not to sell products, but to sell an experience – which keeps customers coming in. Everyone has products, but it’s about how you make the customer feel. Like using phrases or rhymes that make customers laugh or smile. 

The way I’m easily able to guide customers to figure out what type of strain or product they desire, is because there’s a lot to look at when you’re in the store – and it can be overwhelming, especially if you’re not familiar with Cannabis and all the ways it can be consumed or used. My main goal is when customers walk into the building, they are either uplifted or somehow, something small that I did or said made their day. I tend to tell people to have an amazing day, rather than a good day, because I genuinely want everyone to be happy –  life is hard. 

I try to keep the experience fun, because for some people it’s their first time in a dispensary, or the first time having someone scale out their weed instead of getting it in a package. We are a one-stop-shop, so I want everyone to get the full experience that the dispensary has to offer. 

How do you teach yourself about new products and strains?

I’m a huge researcher. I like to read through magazines and other content that the Cannabis industry puts out, and I like to search through the media for articles on Cannabis topics. Also, I try out new products – that way I can really help shape the customer’s understanding on what to expect from each product. 

Why is being a budtender so meaningful to you?

I myself am a hugely social person. I love to talk to people and when I’m in the dispensary working, I’m able to have short yet meaningful conversations with people. As a budtender, customers come in regularly and they get used to seeing me, and it’s a part of their routine. They talk to me about what’s going on in their life, good and bad, and I hear them out. It’s more than just a place to buy Cannabis for them.

It’s important to me to set the experience in the shop. When you walk in you hear root reggae, there’s art on the walls, there’s colorful glass, crystals from all regions – and I have the live panda cams playing in the shop lobby. I like to create a peaceful environment for people, especially in the unsteadiness of the world we are currently living in. It means a lot to me.

If you could give one piece of advice to anyone wanting to work in the industry, what would it be and why?

Have genuine enthusiasm! Match people’s energy, always be kind, and help inspire others. It will go a long way. 

Photos by @terpodactyl_media

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This article was originally published in the September 2021 issue of Oregon Leaf.

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