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Shop Review: T Brothers Bud Lodge

“While it might feel classic, this is a fully stocked modern dispensary.”

Photos by Daniel Berman

Post Modern Dispensary


Smoking weed legally gives us a distinctly Charlie Chaplin feel, especially when we can discreetly use vapes and edibles to rock a buzz hard enough to make black and white soundless TV worth watching. Stepping into T Brothers has an instant classic feel, with charcoal-colored art on the walls showing a classic dispensary scene. It feels like the best of the prohibition times with a Wild West vibe, but don’t try and hitch your horse up in the parking lot. While it might feel classic, this is a fully stocked modern dispensary ready to offer the best in stoney recreation, with no snake oil or laudanum required. 

Stoner Staff Make An Impact


Making an impact in selection starts with a team of budtenders and a buyer who really love Cannabis, and that’s evident in the selection at T Brothers’ retail store. The budtenders are excited and happy to talk terps or medicine and recommend their favorite products in each category as they guide customers to new choices and hot specials. As noted in our staff picks, the team loves a variety of Cannabis products, from the GMO Hash Rosin by Knots to Doozies 1:1 Gummies by Green Revolution. Having a team that uses Cannabis daily and cares about its customers helps T Brothers stand out as a friendly neighborhood pot shop that supports the community.

Classy & Comfortable


T Brothers feels like a mix of an old-timey saloon with a weed twist in a busy Olympia strip mall. Conveniently located but tucked away for those who still prefer to buy weed discreetly, the store feels comfortable and classy from the outside in. With hardwood floors, tons of decor, and doors for the employee lounge that would make for a perfect smoking room if laws allowed give the store an insider’s vibe. With an information station and helpful budtenders to guide customers through the impressive selection, the friendly T Brothers team will make you feel like part of the family.

Staff Picks



Kai’Dro Frankenstein –Scott
Good Earth Dreaming Tree –Stephanie
Cloud 9 Lemon Cherry Gelato –Julian
Redbird White Wedding –Shawdee
Clandestine Farms All Strains –Aiden
Bacon’s Buds All Strains –Brittany


Super Stingers Frankenstein –Ali
Canna Organix Sauced & Tossed Cereal Milk –Shawdee
Stone Age Blunt Jet Fuel OG –Julian
Kaidro Hawaiian Dutch Treat –Scott



Pacific & Pine Gelato Punch –Scott
Bodhi High Ultra Pure Rainbow Truffle –Shawdee
Harmony Farms Funky Monkey –Julian
Trichome Velvet Truffle –Stephanie
Lifted All Carts Brittany


Knots GMO Hash Rosin –Scott
Seattle’s Private Reserve Dog Walker –Shawdee
Bodhi High Kush Mintz Live Resin –Julian
Painted Rooster Montana Silvertip –Maya



Wyld Boysenberry –Scott
Honu S’mores –Shawdee
Ray’s Lemonade Pineapple –Julian
Doozies Strawberry 1:1 THC CBC –Stephanie

Photos by @bermanphotos

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This article was originally published in the June 2024 issue of Northwest Leaf.

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