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Lewis Davidson of PDX Dabs

See how this hash producer fights for equality for the plant and for the people who use it.

PDX Dabs owner Lewis Davidson began his career in the industry as the host of the “Captain Cannabis Show,” a Florida-based, live radio and YouTube program. But his passion for advocacy and entertainment didn’t stop when he left this position – Davidson continued to create Cannabis-inspired music, comics, cosplay and even a video game before beginning his path in Oregon’s concentrate industry.

Today, Davidson brings that passion into production as he works alongside team members Brandon, Stevie, and (his wife) Ashley. PDX Dabs is a small, family-founded, owned, and operated company striving to bring Oregonians “a better product at a better price.” In this exclusive interview, we chat with Davidson about his alter ego, honoring old hash traditions, and more.

How did PDX Dabs come to fruition?

I’ve been in the Cannabis industry since 1993 and PDX Dabs is going on three years old. I was growing medical marijuana in Arizona for two years, but I didn’t really like the heat and the high desert, so I moved to Oregon in 2015.

What does your company specialize in?

We make hash, hash rosin and temple balls. I make the temple balls by hand to honor the original Cannabis concentrate (finger hash and temple balls) that were made in the Hindu Kush region, near Tibet. They were originally made by monks who would harvest Cannabis by hand and when it was time to go and meditate, they’d have all of that resin on their hands and they’d roll it into a ball. It’s like the original Cannabis concentrate. The original holy sacrament. When I did my research on the traditions of hash and how this plant has been used historically and medicinally, it made sense to me to make temple balls. I make them by hand and it’s a labor of love, but they’re a unique product that old-schoolers know. They’re just delicious and they store the hash well!

In a market with many producers, how does PDX Dabs strive to stand out?

We offer our products at what we believe is an incredible value to consumers. We want everyone to be able to try convenient medicine that represents the past and future of this industry! My background is serving the needs of the medical Cannabis community. I’m not in this for money. I’m in this because I’m Captain Cannabis! This is my life’s purpose. Our product honors the love of the farm and I love making it at a great price point. We want to make premium concentrates that are available to all budgets and our terp numbers, the quality of our material, our farm partners and the packaging – everything speaks for itself. Currently, we’re distributed by GreenSea and celebrating a new farm partnership with Rosebud growers.

Who is Captain Cannabis? How do you carry this persona through your day-to-day life?

Portland went through a tilling (I call it) – a revolution, you know? Even before COVID, people were resisting and fighting for equality. That’s my background. That’s who Captain Cannabis is: someone who’s been fighting for equality for the plant and the people who use it. To be able to make products that incorporate our past, giving respect to Eastern and African cultures. We wouldn’t have legal weed if it wasn’t for Black and gay people. I honor the truth, you know? My motto is THC: Truth, History, Consciousness. To me, finding the best plant and making the best product at the best price is staying true to that vision.

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This article was originally published in the May 2021 issue of Oregon Leaf.

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