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Stoner Owner: Saint Laughlin of Wicked Kind

This happy-go-lucky adventurer grows some of the best cannabis in the Pacific Northwest. Here's what inspires him.

Saint Laughlin is a happy-go-lucky adventurer that is packed with a passion for life. For years, he has been growing some of the best Cannabis in the PNW. With a penchant for the great outdoors and live music, Laughlin created his brand Wicked Kind intending to represent his spirit and all that it has to offer. Check out what keeps his fire burning after many years as a cultivator in this month’s Stoner Owner.

Can you tell us a bit about how you got your start in the Cannabis scene?

I guess it all started when I went to my first Grateful Dead show in 1990. I was stuck in traffic and someone approached my car selling bud. I bought a big fat bag of some sticky, and that bag happened to have some seeds in it. Long story short, the show changed my life and so did the seeds. After an older friend taught me how to germinate the seeds, I planted them in some of my mom’s four-inch pots and let them grow under fluorescent lights in my parents’ basement. The rest is history. 

What are some of your biggest aspirations and dreams?

Giving back to the community and the younger generation are at the top of my list. I love the Cannabis plant and everything it represents, but I also have some other true loves, the first being Mother Nature. Skiing, mountain biking, rafting and fishing are some of my favorites. I live up on Mt. Hood and am currently building a bike park at my house, along with some skateboarding ramps. My dream is to influence young riders and give them a place to hone their craft and create an environment where we can all support each other to become better. 

What were some of the driving forces behind starting Wicked Kind?

After outgrowing my basement in the medical days, I saw a need to help patients get their medicine from a clean and respectable source. I have always had a deep appreciation for the power of the plant’s healing and pain-relieving properties. Seeing the possibility to turn my passion into a reality of helping people was a win-win situation. From there, it started to evolve into a bigger vision where I could enter the recreational market and start pushing towards my goal of building a brand that aligned with who I am – a lifestyle brand that celebrates being active in Mother Nature. We live in one of the most beautiful parts of the world. We are blessed to have all of these incredible resources at our fingertips. Mother Nature can help you find yourself spiritually. She helps take care of your mind, body, spirit and soul.

Who has inspired you the most over the years?

My team at Wicked Kind has, overall, provided me with the most inspiration. There are so many factors that go into the recipe for building a successful brand. Genetic selection, environment and cleanliness are all vital, but above all, the team you surround yourself with is most important. Everyone who works here has been part of the company since the inception back in the medical days, and everything resonates from that. Everyone can explore their own beliefs, and through communication, hard work, and trial and error, it brings value back to the company as a whole. To be able to look back on all of the hard work, blood, sweat and tears, and to see this brand take on a life of its own, has been super gratifying. All of the props to the team for helping to create this brand. Without them, there would be no Wicked Kind.

Photos by @fwold_photography

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This article was originally published in the June 2021 issue of Oregon Leaf.

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