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2021 Oregon Concentrates: Cartridges

Due in no small part to their discreet, compact and highly customizable nature, cartridges continue to be one of the leading methods of all Cannabis consumption on the adult-use market. Whether you’re looking for a high-end, single-strain rosin cartridge with steam-distilled terpenes, or a high-THC distillate cartridge with a formula dialed to your favorite terpene profile or flavor, you can find something to suit your tastes in a supremely sippable cartridge.

HTE Zour Patch 510 Cart from Higher Cultures

Higher Cultures Zour Patch HTE
Photo by Daniel Berman

Talk about fire in your pocket. Higher Cultures’ Zour Patch cartridge packs a gas fueled punch to your mouth, sending a jolt of lightning from your head to your toes. If you need that extra boost while out and about running errands, be sure to have a Zour Patch cart in your pocket.

Jack Herer CO2 Cartridge from WE OG

WE OG Jack Herer CO2
Photo by Daniel Berman

Jack Herer is a strain given the namesake of one of the most famous Cannabis activists to date. With a hazy terpene profile of lemony citrus and piney dirt, Jack Herer provides cerebral focus and a relaxing body high. Aside from all of its medicinal benefits, including helping with appetite loss, Jack Herer is great for any leisurely activity.

Cherry Wife Distillate Cartridge from Firefly Extracts

Firefly Extracts Cherry Wife Distillate Cartridge
Photo by Daniel Berman

Firefly promises “pure, potent Cannabis” and this cartridge delivers. Even for a seasoned smoker, each three-second draw produces a noticeable mood shift. The light herbal flavor is great for those trying to keep the smell factor down, but at nearly 7% terpenes, this oil still has plenty of character. Great for those who love a good OG, but need to keep a low profile.

Cherry Chem Live Resin Cartridge from NW Kind

Photo by Daniel Berman

Taking a pull on this NW Kind cart is a true sensory experience. Plenty of airflow allows for big flavorful hits. Bright fruit flavors outshine a subtle hint of funk with a plethora of fruit punch. The high is unmatched – Chem heavy with a noticeably relaxed feeling, especially behind the eyes. For those who love a pronounced effect, look no further.

Sapphire Blood & Wedding Dog CO2 Cartridge from Johnny Oil Seed

Johnny Oil Seed Sapphire Blood Wedding Dog CO2
Photo by Daniel Berman

This two-pack of hybrid cartridges is the perfect way to get the best bang for your buck, all the while getting to try out a variety of flavors. While the Sapphire Blood had a very robust and earthy terpene profile, the Wedding Dog leaned on the gassy side with a pepper-like aftertaste. 

White Widow Haze CO2 Cartridge from Natural Roots

Photo by Daniel Berman

While the tasty oil is going to get all of the attention here, Natural Roots has selected a top tier cartridge that delivers a cool cloud every pull – perfect for getting uplifting draws of this sweet and spice-heavy cultivar. Full-flavored hits down to the last. Uplifting and mood-elevating, having this cartridge on hand nearly guarantees a good day.

This article was originally published in the July 2021 issue of all Leaf Magazines.

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