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2024 Northeast Concentrates Special

The Northeast Leaf staff reveals the top extracts in the region for our annual Concentrates Special!

Wisely Hash Golden State Banana Hash Rosin (Maine)

The tropical fruit and ripe banana infusion in Wisely’s Golden State Banana rosin made my mouth water as the sweet terpenes wafted up from the freshly opened jar. I scooped a generous dollop onto my dabber and into my rig, and soon after, a fragrant cloud of banana terpenes enveloped the room, bringing a gentle relaxation to my muscles. Golden State Banana is certainly a treat to have on hand this summer. -Brian Sanner


Mission Hill Melts Dayglow (Maine)

Dayglow is a sativa-dominant strain that promises to provide you with a radiant, euphoric high and an energetic bounce in your stride. It’s the ideal companion for navigating the day’s unpredictable adventures, especially for those managing ADHD. The rich blend of zesty citrus and sweet pine aromas transforms your experience into an unexpected aromatherapy delight, inviting you to explore the intricate terpene profile it offers. -Brian Sanner


Weaving Genetics Fire Breathing Alien (Maine)

Fire Breathing Alien is an absolute powerhouse creation from Weaving Genetics. Made by crossing Fire Alien Romulan with Meatbreath to produce one sweet and funky combination of terpenes. Upon first inhale comes the sweetness; then on the exhale, it’s straight funk. Producing a heavy-headed high that hits you with a cerebral punch you will soon be pondering the universe and invading the fridge. -Brian Sanner

Fire Alien Romulan x Meatbreath

Nature’s Heritage Mimosa Live Resin Vape (Massachusetts)

Nature’s Heritage Mimosa live resin cartridge is short, stylish and packs a flavorful punch. This 510-style cartridge will fit on most batteries on the market, and I find it best used 2.8v-3v setting, for best flavor and effects. During inhalation, the flavors of sour fruit with a hint of wood coat my tongue, followed by herbs on the exhale. A sudden shiver of energy rushes over my body and focuses my mind. Soon after, there’s a smile on my face and a slight droop to my eyes. Perfect for the end of the day. -Brian Sanner


Rory Farms Tres Leches (Maine)

Tres Leches, celebrated for its superb flavor and uplifting high, is a prime choice for lovers of traditional sativa strains. It provides an energizing and uplifting effect that stimulates the mind and lasts for hours. In this state, you may feel creatively inspired and artistically concentrated, ready to address your tasks or enjoy a conversation with friends or family. -Brian Sanner


Salty Cultivation Wedding Pie Live Rosin (Maine)

Sweet grapes with hints of nutty dough fill your mouth as you inhale. The flavor takes a pungent turn with a funny herbal overtone that’s followed by sour berries and grapes. Wedding Pie has full-bodied effects that hit both mind and body with different finishes. You’ll feel a light tingle that travels through your mind, filling it with blissfully unfocused calm. -Brian Sanner


Pleasant Effects Zangria (Rhode Island)

A caramel-colored sauce slick with terps, Zangria packs a fruity punch. This jar opens up with a sweet wine-like aroma that is immediately zapped with an unmistakably sharp Z that translates well to its flavor. It’s hard to overstate how the Z on these hits lingers with you, delivering a serious splash of terps with a graciously potent effect. Pleasant Effects’ Zangria was grown and washed in-house in Rhode Island, using coco and organic amendments. -Jake Kern


Hazy Hill Farm Frutas del Diablo (Maine)

Hazy Hill Farm’s Frutas del Diablo is so tongue-tinglingly sweet that tasting these terps may be worth a deal with the devil. This hash tastes as it smells with a berry sweet top note on the inhale that is undercut with hints of sour before leaving behind notes of cocoa on the exhale. You’ll feel the potency of this one, with a comfortable high that lures you back in for more. -Jake Kern


Upstate Farms Scottie’s Cake (Maine)

Enrobed in a crimson and gold baroque jar, Scottie’s Cake is a strain for celebration. A richly golden rosin with a firm butter texture, letting this hash sit for a moment reveals a layer of dewy terps that releases a complex aroma. Hitting your nose with a twist, Scottie’s Cake has a funky aroma cut with a floral sweetness. This is a light high that seems to uplift the whole body without inducing any foggy-headedness. -Jake Kern

Maine Trees Blue Lobster (Maine)
Washed by Third Shift Resin

Maine Trees’ Blue Lobster was one of the biggest flower sensations of 2023, so it is a treat to see a crop washed by the team at Third Shift Resin. These creamy dabs deliver a hit that lives up to this strain’s reputation for serenity-inducing effects. With an inhale of sweet fruit that flows directly into a thick sweet flavor, each exhale is buttery smooth, like wrapping your lungs in a warm blanket. -Jake Kern

@_mainetrees_ | @thirdshiftresin

Michelin Terps Super Boof Cold Cure Rosin (Maine)

Recently taking first place in Mila the Hash Queen’s inaugural Massachusetts Dab-A-Doo, Michelin Terps Super Boof is one of the more potent dabs we have tried recently. Hitting with a blast of funky Z, it tingles its way into your brain and sticks around long after you put the jar down. That bright zippy smell translates directly to a summery tingle across your taste buds on inhale that melts in your mouth. -Jake Kern


Third Shift Resin Pink Zugar #11 (Maine)

Third Shift Resin’s Pink Zugar #11 showcases its craftsmanship with an immaculate puck of cream-colored rosin. This strain has a clean-laced smell that really draws on the Zkittlez parentage. On inhale, the Straw Guava shines through for a blast of bright summery terps. As you exhale, you can feel the effects of this strain start to settle in, bringing you to the perfect mental and physical state for a day of relaxing in the sun. -Jake Kern


Art & Craft Canna Candy Fumez x Papaya Cold Cure Rosin (Maine)

Sweet warm papaya notes as you open the jar, this cold cure hash rosin hits a little harder than most Papaya strains with its backbone of “Candy Fumez.” Sweet tropical fruit with a hint of gas on the exhale, a delicious daytime hybrid strain that leans heavily on the fruit candy spectrum. -@ADHDDEAD


Super Saiyan Squish Kush Lime Sorbet Cold Cure Rosin (Maine)

Like a lime green tennis ball that has been soaked in caramelized sugar, this unique mix infuses lime citrus notes with a non-acrid, sweet gas that lingers on the tongue. A strong high from its Bubba Kush lineage underpins a tasty, indica-leaning hybrid with a powerful body high that reduced nausea and left me searching the cabinets for yummy treats. It was my first time trying Super Saiyan Squish’s work, and I found myself going back to this jar. -@ADHDDEAD


Aloha Apothecary Black Maple 22 Cold Cure Rosin (Maine)

This Dulce de Uva and Sherbanger cross reeks out of the jar with nose-searing notes of allspice, rubber and caramel with a hint of black pepper bite. A complex and unique-smelling hash that perfectly balances sweet and savory before providing a long-lasting energetic, uplifting high. A pinnacle strain for those looking for sweet dessert terps that don’t fall all the way into the candy category. -@ADHDDEAD


Upward Organics Starburst 36 Cold Cure Rosin (Maine)

This bright, sweet, melted bubblegum and candy-flavored cold cure rosin comes from a unique place. Upward Organics is Maine’s first net-zero Cannabis cultivator running a 100% solar-powered farm. Like a bright sunny day, this hash provides an uplifted mood and a focused burst of energy on top of its sweet flavor profile. A great strain for an afternoon of outdoor activities under sunny skies. -@ADHDDEAD

Starburst OG x 97 KC 36

Burny Terps Red Pebblez (Maine)
Washed by Hidden Forest Farms

YabaDABadoo! This cold cure hash rosin that was washed by Hidden Forest Farms and grown by Burny Terps has an incredibly enticing smell that translates beautifully to taste. A powerful lineage of Fruity Pebble OG x Z Cube x Red Piegasm leads to a fruit-forward, candy-soaked symphony of flavors that tease you before you get unexpectedly walloped with a heavy-handed high that will send you back to “The Stoned Age.” -@ADHDDEAD


Grind Cannabis Co- Cream Peaches (Maine)

Cream Peaches Cold Cure hash rosin is a great choice for a pre- or post-dinner treat. This jar provides an immediate first taste of sweet dessert cream, vanilla and caramelized brown sugar — plus, just enough room for a soft peach undertone to shine through. The hash provides a medium-to-long-lasting buzz, primarily settling in the body and helping alleviate any hunger pains and insomnia. -@ADHDDEAD


Oasis Refinery Citron Cookies (Maine)

Bright citrus terps with an underlying cookie dough nuttiness power an energizing and uplifting high. A perfect daytime strain for those who start early, this cold cure rosin leans into its citrus roots without being overwhelmed by them. A really nice balanced expression with a strong head high that never leaves you locked to the couch. -@ADHDDEAD


Helios Double Black Diamond (Maine)

This jar has a “wow” effect, from the beautiful Justin Lovato artwork to the potent, complex nose and, of course, beautifully cured hash rosin. Upon cracking the jar, you’re greeted with a loud, sweet, gassy note before settling into a perfectly balanced mix with sharp underlying stonefruit from its Wedding Pie lineage that stays back to linger and expands the full range of flavor. It hits heavy with its OG backbone shining strong. -@ADHDDEAD


Monkey Jones Maple Fumez Cold Cure Rosin (Maine)

Sweet maple candy Z terps come bursting off this cold cure hash rosin from Monkey Jones. With maple syrup notes floating through this delectable combination of Black Maple and Candy Fumez, you might think this is a daytime strain. However, its surprising potency is not for the morning crowd and left this reviewer in a pleasantly enjoyable dazed stupor. -@ADHDDEAD

Black Maple x Candy Fumez

Fernando Ufret Rugged Roots TK43 BHO (Maine)

TK 43 BHO from Rugged Roots is a loud, heavy-hitting concentrate that stays true to its lineage. The jar revealed a pool of oily and orange terps that whipped up into a creamier badder. The nose was quite gassy, bringing the ammonia/cleaner type aroma that comes with TK 43 to the forefront, but with a light citrus note in the backend. The flavor and potency on the exhale are strong, but the effects are ultimately calming and put the user in a state of ease and relaxation. -@ADHDDEAD


Flavor Farming (Maine)

This delightfully doughy, first-wash, single-source, indoor soil-grown cold-cure hash rosin is a cross between (ECSD x i95) x Josh D OG. A heavy hitter that leans into the Triangle Kush from two of its parents with just a hint of Sour Diesel on the exhale. The smell translates nicely on the palette, and this hash definitely packs a decent punch. -Nick Evans


Photos by @calyxs_and_colas

This article was originally published in the July 2024 issue of Northeast Leaf.

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