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2024 Washington Concentrates Special

The top extracts in Washington selected by the Northwest Leaf staff for our annual Concentrates Special.

Mfused Lemon Loopz TWISTED Melted Diamonds

Sugary fresh lemons melt on the palate with each inhale. When enhanced with the cold start function, it blasts a huge cloud of smooth, natural-tasting and sour-tangy vapor with an uplifting, cerebral buzz.

96% Total Cannabinoids

Mfused Energy THCV + THC Balance Effects Line

Known as the diet weed, THCV is a Cannabinoid that provides energy, focus and appetite suppression, which is perfect for getting through a dreary workday. The first puffs of the Balance Effects Energy pen deliver smooth, easy hits with a warm, gentle tropical flavor of fruit and gas. We felt a quick kick of energy as the clouds lifted from our mind, filling the body with a purposeful high, focusing thoughts on the task at hand, making this the best way to power through the day with weed!

63.01% THC | 13% CBC | 13% THCV

Mfused Planet of the Grapes Terp Sauce

While this name has us imagining the Fruit of the Loom Grape Guy (Google it) blowing fat clouds before an underwear commercial, this gassy and grapey concentrate will quickly have you rolling around the room talking to fruit. Using the cold start function releases a rush of smooth grapey gas that is mellow in flavor but big on effects, clouding the mind in a stoney high thc euphoria.

78% THC

Solr Bear Airo Pod Lemon Diesel Solventless Rosin

Pop a pod into the sleek Airo lineup of batteries and take a rip! These colorful and stylish pens provide a haptic buzz when delivering vapor, and the pods swap out with ease, allowing an easy peek at how much of the rosin has been vaped! The Lemon Diesel is sour and gassy, like old-school gas with the potency of fire solventless rosin from Solr Bear, delivering a stoned but in-the-moment classic sativa high.

37.7% THC 

Dank Czar Afghan Diesel Hash Rosin

Rich notes of lemony wildflowers and sour, gassy diesel ooze out of this beautiful rosin. The first low-temp inhale delivers a smooth and gentle, hazy diesel exhale that is superbly relaxing and stoney, calming the frontal lobes and delivering a happy daze buzz.


Dank Czar Trop Sherb x Zmuckers

Bright, sour and in your face with funky gas, this golden rosin is soaked with terps, with a gentle, creamy and tropical finish. Cold start dabs deliver a slow rush of melty euphoria to the frontal lobes with each smooth exhale of vapor, lathering the mind and body in a warming, happy high.


Dank Czar Papaya Guava Jam

Bright notes of sour tropical fuel and tangerine-guava-cream have us ready to pair this juice with a balanced breakfast. This jammy jam has a thin consistency and loud terps that smack the senses, but don’t spread it on toast. Dabbed at a low temp, the funk gets louder, blending notes of sugared guava on the exhale for a sunny vacation buzz, no beach required.


Micro Bar Rocket Popz Quick Strike

Blast off on a rocket of high THC power with this classic popsicle-themed flavor. The first hits deliver sweet and smooth vapor, with the iconic red and blue flavor that’s fruity and creamy, and a gentle exhale with a potent, floaty buzz.

91.8% THC

Micro Bar Apricot Jelly

Syrupy notes of apricot melt onto the palate, coating the mouth in a sugary, sweet jam-like flavor that is delightfully fruity. The apricot has a hint of peach fuzz that melt into a gentle tangy cream that will have you searching the fruit section for a summertime treat once the munchies and strong head high take hold.

92.6% THC

Pacific & Pine Orange Fruit Snax Live Hash Rosin

Fermenting orange peels burst out of the jar with a smooth, floral-funky vanilla cream that smelled so yummy we had to resist licking the dab tool. Low-temp hits release a calming, thought-provoking cerebral buzz that’s perfect for wake and bakes on days off.

61.52% THC, 10% Terpenes

Pacific & Pine Gorilla Cookies Live Hash Rosin

Light, gold and wet with terps, this gorgeous rosin reeks of sour fermenting glue with a cookies-like, funky, piney, and gassy tang that brings an old-school taste with fresh rosin tech. The first hits release a pine and lemon tang that tickles the nose, and a smooth exhale that brightens senses, sending a happy wave of floaty stonineness wrapping around the mind and body.

64.13% THC, 7% Terpenes

Royal Tree Gardens Guava 2.0 Hash Rosin

Sour fermenting fruit melts into funky, gassy guava notes that tease the senses as tropical and floral terps rise while loading a dab. The first inhales double down on the sour funk, gripping the chest with a warm hug before a smooth exhale that melts the mind into a puddle of stoney bliss.


Royal Tree Gardens Carbon Fiber Hash Rosin

Bursting with notes of umami, soy sauce, caramelized garlic and a breathy lemon-gas finish, this terpy rosin gave us the munchies in a burst of Cannabis flavor magic. Low temp dabs reveal a smooth and sugary vapor with a gentle citrus gas that sends the mind floating towards the kitchen like a Zeppelin above a firmly-grounded, stoned body below.


Toasted Girl Scout Cookie Cured Resin

Bright, piney and full of bright gas, this honeycomb-style resin delivers a rush of cerebral energy with big, cloudy dabs of gas.


Toasted Terps Wild Kiwi Live Resin

Tropical gas rushes from this golden live resin that has added terps for extra flavor, sending a relaxing wave of relaxation that melts the mind into a chilled body.


Mad Mark Mad Lemon Haze Rosin

Rich, complex and dark earthy terps melt into a rush of gassy lemon cream with a perfect hazy finish. First inhales deliver a lemony sorbet with a syrupy exhale, and a hazy, euphoric and giggly high.


Lifted Cannabis Co Truffle Cake Live Badder

Loud and sour, this cakey, earthy and gassy badder glistens with terps. We love the Lifted badder consistency, which melts into a beautiful fuel-cream-truffle finish that is instantly sedating, happily drooly and ready for the couch high.

58.72% THC, 8.8% Terpenes
liftedcannabisco.com | @lifted502_

Lifted Cannabis Co Ripstix Mandarin Butter Live Resin

Pick up a Ripstix and prepare for the fire of Lifted’s badders and resins in disposable form. The first tokes release a sultry citrus rush with notes of gassy and piney kush with a delicious hint of soy-orange rind-GMO that delights the senses with calming thoughts, delivering a balanced and chill high.

75.37% THC, 5.8% Terpenes
liftedcannabisco.com | @lifted502_

Constellation Cannabis Blush Velvet Gelato Mintz Hash Rosin Disposable

Beautifully designed with a waterfall tip, this disposable is classy and full of Constellation’s solventless rosin that has proven to be consistently fire. First puffs turn the bottom tip pink, letting you know the vapor is coming and proving this is going to be a hit for the ladies. The Gelato Mintz rosin is sweet and smooth, with notes of earthy chocolate gas with a piney kush finish that swirls around the senses like a fine perfume.


Ooowee Purple Rain Juice Box

The only flavor that’s also a color, purple is royalty in the weed world. This disposable has beautiful packaging with a metal tin inside and a lanyard for throwing the pen around your neck during adventures. The first hits release big clouds of a gassy, grapey and citrus flavor that remind us of a Slurpee that gets you happily stoned, and ready for a trip to 7-Eleven.

85.4% THC

Ooowee Grape-A-Licious Juice Box

Goodness grapecious, this vape is so tasty that nobody would have worried about what Gilbert Grape was eating because he should have been vaping Oowee. The first inhale tastes like grape Kool-Aid with a rush of gassy fruit that sent us floating into nostalgia like a bouncy house on a windy day.

84.4% THC

Blue Roots Cannabis Co Honey Banana 

This cross of Strawnana x Honey Boo Boo will plant you on the couch in a sedative euphoria where reruns of reality television suddenly become 99% audience-scoring hits. Opening a jar releases waves of delicious honeyed bananas dipped in sugared gassy strawberries, finishing with a kiss of minty kush. Delightful tasting and superbly stoney, this is a sweet dream dab ready for prime time.

76.4% THC

Fugu Farms Poochies Honey 73-149u Hash Rosin

Sweet and sour, this golden rosin reeks of caramelizing bananas and piney fuel that delights the senses as a dab is loaded. The first inhale releases a loud and skunky gas with a syrupy-smooth exhale and effects that slow time while heightening senses of sound and vision for a wondrous, in-the-moment high.


Freddy’s Fuego Dirty Sugah Cured Resin Disposable

It feels good to get dirty in the summer. Whether it’s dirt or sand under the toes, however you want to get down, this cured resin is ready to uplift your summer adventure. The first rips are gassy and loud, with a hazy, citrusy and skunky tang and a super smooth exhale that rushes effects to the mind, energizing thoughts while melting into a relaxed body high for a daytime toke that’s worth walking the plank for.

83.9% THC
freddysfuego.com | @freddys.fuego

Optimum Extracts Mendo Zkittlez Clouds Live Resin

Cold-cured and strain-specific, this distillate-free disposable looks and feels classy with a sexy, black embossed disposable with a lightning bolt viewing port for the golden dabs inside. The first puffs are sweet and gassed up, with sugared lemons and piney gas with a definite kick of Z terps in the exhale, delivering a happy and in-the-moment cerebral buzz.

88.9% THC, 6.6% Terpenes
optimumextracts.com | @optimum_extracts_wa

Optimum Extracts The Farmers Market Berry Blast

Bright berries remind us of a fresh blueberry muffin. Each tasty inhale instantly made us hungry for baked goods. This sugary disposable delivers big clouds of relaxing, munchie-inducing stoney bliss.

Doctor & Crook Truffle Monkey

Bright and earthy, with rich notes of sour funky truffles and Z terps, this sativa cut delivers a rush of euphoric bliss that will get you in the mood for high-energy exploits in the gaming chair or in the woods.

78.61% THC, 46mg/g Terpenes
doctorandcrook.com | @doctorandcrook

Dewey Cannabis Sunset Sherbet Live Resin Dab Pen

Jump into sundown mode with this earthy, gassy and funky Sunset Sherbet that tickles with terps on a smooth exhale, relaxing the mind and slowing time down to get into the moment, or escape at the end of a long day with a blissful, chill buzz.


Lifted Cannabis Slusheez Watermelon Wave

Get juiced with the coolest new disposable to hit the WA market, with classic see-through tech reminiscent of the clear Game Boy and all the tasty fire we expect from the labs at Lifted. First tokes release a rush of bright watermelon, with a creamy-sugary, gently sour, earthy and rindy tang that instantly made us crave a Slurpee as we hungrily inhaled more stoney vapor from this dope new disposable.

77.19% THC
liftedcannabisco.com | @lifted502_

Lifted Cannabis Slusheez Strawberry Paradise

Escape into strawberry fields of forever stoniness with this fruity and fun disposable that is ready for flavored fun. The first sips of syrupy vapor taste like a smokable drink, with fizzy-sugared strawberries that send a fresh-picked buzz right to the body for a happy hour buzz that proves it’s always 420 somewhere.

77% THC
liftedcannabisco.com | @lifted502_

Fire Bros. Day-Glo Live Resin

Step into the daylight confidently with this cut of Orange Julius x Mandarin Sunrise that’s full of rich, earthy and citrus terps. The first hits reveal an orangey, soy sauce, cookies-like gas that delights the senses, sending a rush of energy to the frontal lobes while relaxing muscles and readying the mind and body for daytime fun, even if it’s 2 a.m.


Optimum Extracts Omega AK

If you missed the northern lights this spring, don’t fret, because the Omega AK will have you seeing stars in the daylight. This earthy, skunky, and gassy CO2 is full of terps and extra Cannabinoids for a well-rounded, uplifting but definitely stoned buzz.

61.9% THC | 2.4% CBG | 0.8% CBN
optimumextracts.com | @optimum_extracts_wa

Hellavated Profilez Bomb Popz 

The OG of flavored vapes continues to deliver heady highs with the Hellavated Bomb Popz, a fruity and nostalgic popsicle twist that is ready for backyard barbecues. The first inhale delivers a bright cherry and creamy lemony ice that delivers a different brain freeze that is stoney, blissful and ready for summer fun.

81% THC | 1.5% CBD

Lucent Extracts Orange Fruit Snax Live Rosin DabGo

Fire rosin and brand-new tech combine in the DabGo, which heats up like an e-rig and delivers big, tasty clouds of terpy rosin. The Orange Fruit Snax is bright and effervescent, with citrus, skunky and piney gas and a creamy-tangy exhale that sends a wave of chill euphoria that clouds the mind and energizes the body for a stoney-fun buzz.


Bodhi High Apple Mac Live Resin

Bright and fresh, the Apple Mac has gentle notes of apples and citrus fruits with a sweet and gassy finish that make big hits easy, sending a relaxed buzz that eases stress while speeding up time in a daytime happy-daze high.

83% THC, 9.7% Terpenes

Skunk Processors Mango Tropics Solventless Sap

Experience a breeze of tropical terps with each puff of solventless rosin from award-winning Skunk Processors. The first tokes send a warming wave of mixed fruit and gassy mangos with a piney-lime exhale that transports a floaty-stoned mind to a relaxing sandy beach, no plane ticket required.


Plume Papaya Runtz Hash Rosin

Blow big clouds with these ceramic all-in-one rosin pens from Plume that send a big tingly hit of tropical-Z-skunk with a creamy, hashy, and pine exhale that quickly slows thoughts and puts a stoney hat of happiness over a floaty head high.

75.9% THC | 1.4% CBD

Lifted Cannabis Boysenberry Creme Brulee

Fresh baked gassy red berries melt into a skunky-hazy-breathy funk that delights senses and kicks the munchies into overdrive. This delicious dessert strain is super smooth, with a fresh-baked fruity gas that lingers on the palate as effects swirl around the mind, slowing thoughts and amplifying sounds and feelings in a wonderful indica high.

71.55% THC, 7.6% Terpenes
liftedcannabisco.com | @lifted502_

Plaid Jacket Zero Gravity Cured Resin

Float away into outer space, or at least out of the daily grind, with the Zero Gravity cured resin by powerhouse brand Plaid Jacket. The first tokes are bright and full of sharp gas and a hazy, funky cheese, with a vanilla-kushy exhale that tickles the nose with terps, dazzling senses in a floaty, heady buzz that’s ready for a moonwalk.

65.5% THC, 12% Terpenes

Plaid Jacket Emergency #9 Live Resin

For parents and everyone else stuck grinding in this difficult economy, the ninth emergency of the day is often the final straw, which is when we turn to delicious dabs to chase away angry thoughts. This Seed Junky cross between Orange Push Pop x Sunset Sherbet is sweet and funky and super high in terps, which send a rush of fizzy citrus gas and tropical kush that ignites the mind in a euphoric, forget-the-keys and -worries high that’s prepared for the next emergency.

67% THC, 19% Terpenes

Constellation Cannabis Gary Payton 70-149u Hash Rosin

Gorgeous, sappy and dripping with terps, this now classic strain still hits like GP dropping a surprise three. First notes are in your face gas with sour permanent marker and funky vanilla dazzling senses. Low-temp dabs reveal a smooth, sweet, citrus and earthy kush exhale with effects that slam dunk the mind and body into the couch.


Avitas Sticky Gorilla #4

From the OG’s of Co2 in the Pacific Northwest comes another heater. The gassy and gluey strain formerly known as Gorilla Glue #4 shines in this high-terpene extract. First tokes smash senses with a thick sour chem-earthy-citrus rush that exhales smoothly with a kiss of kushy cherries that calm thoughts and focus energy into a feel-good, get-things-done buzz.

59% THC, 11% Terpenes

Lucent Extracts Orange Fruit Snax

Bright orange spice and sharp citrus clear the senses on first inhale, sending an uplifting rush of creamy-earthy-mangos with a tart finish. Super smooth hits send the mind into a focused, but can’t sit still, buzz that demands action and delivers stoney satisfaction.

73.9% THC 

Lazy Bee Gardens Aliens on Moonshine CBD Live Resin Distillate/HTE

We love high-CBD concentrates, especially when they are general-use Department of Health-certified for patients and grown with sun and love in Lazy Bee’s greenhouses. This golden live resin has high terpene extract added for a super terpy and flavorful buzz. The first tokes are bright with honeyed-citrus gas that fades into a richer, earthy and piney-skunk finish that keeps us returning for more tokes. After a solid sesh, we felt the CBD relaxing our muscles and jawline. As the THC and terpenes slowed our excessive thoughts, a smiley and happy high took over from head to toe.

21% THC | 42% CBD | 2.1% CBC

Dabstract Sunset Sherbert Live Resin HTE

Rip into a perfect sunset vibe with the high terpene live resin from the OG’s of consistent quality in all corners of the state. First hits are smooth and gentle, with relaxed notes of gassy sherbert and earthy citrus sending the mind into a blissful state, with the high terpenes tingling on the exhale and freeing the head to float happily above a sedated body.

73.99% THC, 14.93% Terpenes
dabstract.com | @dabstractlabs

Artizen Jack Herer

Artizen is an OG company with a legacy that predates legalization in the medical movement, with a commitment to growing and processing fire strains that stand the test of time. Jack Herer was a Cannabis activist who wrote a book in 1973 called “The Emperor Wears No Clothes” about Cannabis legalization, which is still a great read, especially when hitting this uplifting sativa cartridge. First puffs are full of bright-citrus gas with a hazy, sour and earthy exhale that ignites the senses, relaxing the mind and jawline as a euphoric and creative energy takes hold. Google Jack Herer to learn more about the Cannabis legend, and taste the OG cut of his namesake strain from Artizen!

artizencannabis.com | @artizen.cannabis

Artizen Dutchberry

Artizen has been growing Dutchberry since they started legal weed in 2014, telling a lot about both the company and the strain, which is still a top-10 strain in Washington after a decade of sales. This uplifting strain delivers the classic piney-breathy-haze from Dutch Treat with big berry energy from the DJ Short Blueberry for a sweet and funky high that sedates the mind without limiting thoughts or creativity for a perfect whistle while you work buzz. 

artizencannabis.com | @artizen.cannabis

Smokey Point Productions Super Silver Haze Live Resin

The classics are back, and we are stoked to be puffing Super Silver Haze, which graced the pages of NW Leaf often in the 2010-2014 era. This classic sativa shines in live resin, delivering a bright and gassy haze with a golden and lemony tang on exhale from the beautiful waterfall tip cart, sending a rush of creative, talkative and happy stoney energy straight to the frontal lobes.

82.4% THC
smokeypointproductions.com | @smokeypoint_wa

Seattle’s Private Reserve Dank Dough

Get baked off this delicious batch of Dank Dough, which combines an earthy, doughy, and cakey inhale with a smooth, sour-gassy-citrus finish that is complex, mellow and instantly stoney. Effects rush quickly to a blissed-out mind before melting the body into a puddle of relaxation that’s ready for video games and pizza.

55.7% THC, 11% Terpenes

Microbar The Happy Pill Flavored Distillate

The game-changing team at Microbar is back with a new twist on the vape pen with The Happy Pill! With new unique flavors that tease the senses like the Red Apple Haze that is complex, tart and sweet, or the gassy and sweet Watermelon OG, you’ll find a happy hour with the Pineapple Maui Wowie as it slows down time with a potent, high THC buzz.

90% THC
microbarvape.com | @microbar.us

Airo Pod and Solr Bear Rosin Death Star Solventless Rosin

The Airo innovative pod system continues to deliver a quality smoking experience, especially when filled with delicious Solr Bear solventless rosin. First puffs are felt as the Airo’s haptic response vibrates before a rush of sour-earthy-gas with a skunky-citrus zing that had us ready for a “Star Wars” marathon, glued to the couch in a giggly, euphoric haze.

37.49% THC
@airobrands_ | @solr_bear

Dabstract Orange Zkittlez Diamonds

Giant icebergs of THCA crystals glisten with terpenes, oozing earthy, citrusy gas that delights the senses before delivering a heady, heavy high that melts frontal lobes and anxiety into a happy puddle.


Dabstract Sour Blue Face Diamonds

Mellow, creamy blueberries and sour citrus gas melt from big, juicy crystals that dissolve at low temperatures into a clean, smooth vapor. It rocks the mind and body with big hits, sending a rush of stoney euphoria that sets our face in a goofy, buzzed grin.


Dabstract Nooner Live Resin

Whether waking at noon or taking a midday dab break, high noon is a tradition that must be upheld, and there’s no better dab than this rich and complex gluey-gassy-orange resin to kick off the high part of the day. First inhales are full of bright honey and funky oranges, filling the mind with an uplifting stoney focus that’s ready for the beginning or middle of the day.


Skagit Organics Premium RSO, Premium Distillate
THC, CBD, CBG and RSO Original

Rick Simpson Oil or Full Extract Cannabis Oil (FECO) is a full-plant extract that has beneficial Cannabinoids, terpenes and other valuable plant matter like flavonoids and alkaloids. This combination makes a potent medicine that’s been shown to help with a variety of conditions, from cancer treatment to pain management. For more information on this amazing substance and how it can fit into your Cannabis treatment plan, you can Google FECO or RSO to learn more.

Skagit Organics has been making premium, clean and high-quality RSO for years. Its original and high-CBG blends pack potent Cannabinoids. Calculating dosage for edible use is easy — just take the number and add a zero. Jack Frost has 35% CBG, 25% THC and 8% CBD, meaning 350mg of CBG, 250mg of THC and 80mg CBD in each gram of oil, making RSO extremely cost-effective for the potency. The premium distillate that’s made from RSO is more purified, with fewer plant lipids and waxes. It can be dabbed or eaten for a multi-use medicine that’s full of Cannabinoids. The Sundae Driver has 72% THC and 7% CBN. The AC/DC is a high-CBD extract with 76% (or 760mg) CBD, ready for homemade edibles, topicals or to be used right out of the applicator. Look for more medicinal products and high-quality RSO from Skagit Organics online or on social media.

skagitorganics.net | @skagitorganics 

Skagit Organics ATF THC Platinum Distillate

This ATF is all fun and no fuss, with a beautiful golden color and a rich blend of Cannabinoids that include 8% CBG, known to give the CBGiggles and help with inflammation, pain and nausea. First inhales are rich and skunky with notes of citrus and lavender, sending a rush of chillaxed, in-the-moment energy that’s ready to get you back in the game, pain and stress-free.

74% THC | 8% CBG
skagitorganics.net | @skagitorganics

Skagit Organics Bubba Kush THC Platinum Distillate

Escape into sweet dreams with this high-potency CBN cartridge, full of rich and creamy kush cherries. CBN is the hottest Cannabinoid right now in the edibles department, but it’s just as effective when smoked, with less of the next day’s weedy hangover that sometimes comes with eating CBN. Puff on this clean and smooth Bubba Kush an hour or so before bedtime for a grinny, relaxed high that’s an off-ramp from the stressful day into bedtime.

69% THC | 10% CBN
skagitorganics.net | @skagitorganics

Blush Velvet & Constellation Cannabis Gelato Mintz Cold Cure Rosin

We blushed green with dab envy when we saw the new disposable and hash lineup from Blush Velvet! This terpy rosin sends a floral-gassy-citrus wave with notes of honey and rose petals with a minty-kush finish that delights the senses with a warming, floaty and euphoric high.

67% THC

Bodhi High Mean Mug Live Resin Terp Batter

Drop the sour looks with a fat dab of the Mean Mug that reeks of sour lemon skunks with a funky vanilla finish that slows down time and senses with a heady and drooly high.

80% THC, 9.3% Terpenes

Canna Organix Offendo Live Custard

Today, folks are easily offended, so we love a strain that celebrates the heritage of Cannabis, which was both offensive and illegal for decades. Now we celebrate tasty terps like the fermenting, funky and sour, fuelly lemon haze that rushes to the frontal lobes before sedating the body and mind in a goofy, giggly buzz.


Lish Black Prussian Live Resin

Sour gas and funky fermenting fruit ooze out of this complex, earthy and rubbery live resin that tastes so lovely to a stoner palate, delivering mind-numbing, couch-locked indica effects.

71.26% THC

Binske Wedding Cake Live Resin Diamonds & Sauce

Classic cakey fuel with notes of earthy kush gas oozes out of these terpy diamonds, which melt into a sweet and smooth vapor that ignites the mind in a heady indica high.

72% THC, 4.69% Terpenes

Lifted Wedding Cake Sugar Crystals

Sour gas and thick piney cake notes reek from glistening sugar crystals, teasing the senses with a stoney promise to be baked like a cake. First hits are thick with fuel and gluey cake notes before exhaling with a citrus kick, slowing the mind down as a heavy indica bliss delivers a freshly baked buzz.

70.78% THC, 7.10% Terpenes

Seattle’s Private Reserve Dank Dough Live Resin Terp Badder 

Dive into this doughy gassy badder that is full of sour citrus, chocolate and floral fuel that set our tummy to rumbling as we loaded a dab. The first low-temp inhales are rich and smooth, with a complex doughy gas exhale and a relaxing, stress-free buzz that’s ready for a kitchen adventure.


Binske Platinum Papaya Live Resin Sugar & Sauce

Ride a tropical wave of freshly cut papaya with a hazy, sugary gas that frees the mind of stress while relaxing the body in a perfect beach day buzz.

63% THC, 7.55% Terpenes

Walden Reserve Fruity Pebbles OG Hash Rosin

Bright and fruity with a kick of heavy gas, this beautiful rosin releases a beautiful blend of red berries and floral sugar as a dab is loaded. First low-temp tones are sour and funky with fermented fruit that slaps the palate, lifting the mind and body in a floaty feel-good high.


Lucent Extracts GMO Cookies Live Resin Badder

Sour waves of skunky glue wash over the senses with a golden cookies exhale that slows down time and amplifies sounds and sensations in a classic Indica high.

78% THC

Cannabis Northwest Nightmare Runtz Shatter

Rich Runtz notes with heavy Z terps melt from this golden shatter, sending a warning rush of relaxed euphoria and a side order of the munchies for a chillaxed-on-the-couch buzz.

Buddy Boy Farms Ice Queen Purple Haze Hash Rosin

Red berries dance with lemony skunks in a floral bouquet of terps that smells tasty enough to lick the dab tool. First inhales of this classic strain release a syrupy, fruity, gassy vapor with a rush of giggly, hit-the-dance-floor-stoned energy.

52% THC

Lazy Bee Gardens Powderhound Live Resin


Freshly squeezed, gassy lemons burst out of this golden live resin, dazzling senses with floral lavender and a vanilla citrus zing that amplifies when dabbed, sending a rush of dizzying sativa energy to the mind and body.

82% THC | 2.36% CBG | 1.6% Terpenes

Skunk Processors Fruity Pebbles Solventless Batter

Save the cereal for the munchies and dive in first to this terpy and bright rosin that’s dripping with freshly cut berries and lemony floral fuel. The skunky finish amplifies when dabbed, exhaling with a funky zing and a rush to the forehead that glazes eyes and sets the mind on munchies mode.

76% THC, 6% Terpenes

Lazy Bee Gardens Bacio Bars Live Hash Rosin

Rich and dark earthy kush notes tingle the senses as a dab is loaded. Bright citrus and floral chocolate cookie notes release as the rosin melts, creating a sweet and smooth vapor that relaxes the mind and body in a happy, dazed buzz.

76% THC

Fire Bros. Dark Rainbows Live Resin

A rush of deep, earthy cookies ignited the senses with a tropical blend of red berries and sour garlic gas for a complex and beautiful flavor profile. First low-temp hits release a sweet and mellow garlic-fruity fuel that chills senses and relaxes the mind and body in a happy daze.


Freddy’s Fuego Sherb Crasher Cured Resin

Walk the plank with this complex and beautiful resin that’s full of sherby, cheesy gas and a sugary, citrus funk that amplifies when dabbed, making eyelids heavy as a sedative buzz crashes over the senses.

83% THC

Habitat Flower Co. Orange Fruit Snax Live Hash Rosin

Sweet and creamy with notes of citrus sorbet and earthy gas, this golden rosin melts into a syrupy fresh vapor that exhales with a floral zing, sending a mood-elevating buzz to the mind and relaxing the body for a euphoric daytime dab.

73.7% THC

Habitat Flower Co. Tropicandy Live Hash Rosin

Sugary and bright with notes of fresh cherries and candy kushy vanilla, this golden rosin delights the senses with a tangy citrus gas exhale and an almost too-stoned-to-function but ready-for-more-dabs daytime high.

77.9% THC

Dewey Cannabis Co. Purple Mango Live Rosin

Freshly picked mangos fall into a rich and earthy kush with citrusy gas that comes alive when dabbed at low temp, amplifying the fruity gassy vibes with a happy, sunny beach daze high.


Washing Tons Gooch Juice Fresh Press Rosin

It sounds weird until you smell it, and then you want to rub it all over your face. This beautiful rosin is seductively mellow with notes of citrus Z gas and a garlicky floral fuel that teases the senses as a dab is loaded. First notes are fresh fuel and fruit with a leaned-back crank the tunes feeling-myself high.


Washing Tons Rainbow Runtz Fresh Press Rosin

Imagine the Skittles taste the rainbow flash of light when opening this jar, and you’ll understand the smörgåsbord of fresh and funky fruits and floral notes that ooze out of this beautiful rosin. First hits amplify the sweetness with a tart, gluey gas that slows the mind down into a sparkly body and mind high ready for playful adventures.


Agro Couture Pink Lemonade Live Resin

Sip a summertime favorite with this bright and funky live resin that oozes with notes of freshly squeezed lemons and a skunky grapefruit tang. Low-temp dabs add a rush of sour citrus gas before sending the mind floating in a blissful, ready-for-the-sunshine high.

92% THC

Seattle’s Private Reserve Hippie Soap Shatter

Not all hippies are dirty, but if you offer this delicious soap they’ll surely line up for a dab! SPR’s golden shatter snaps easily for a low-temp dab, releasing bright lemony gas and a rich, kush, piney-mints finish with an uplifting, active high and a happy floaty head.

90% Cannabinoids, 4% Terpenes

Plaid Jacket Super Boof Live Resin

Smoke like a superhero with this sappy and gassy, lemony, icy, kushy live resin with a funky mandarin twist that releases during a cold-temp dab, sending the mind soaring like a plane and ready for a soft landing in the kitchen.


Skunk Processors Bubba Kush Solventless Jam

Raw sour glue slaps the senses as soon as a jar is opened, with a deep earthy, piney skunk and a hint of rubber and vanilla extract. Complex and captivating, first tokes are sour and funky, wrapping the senses and the body in an overwhelming buzz that’s happily drooly.


Retrograde Cannabis The Kitchen Stank

Fermenting fruit and a rotting woodpile combined with a rubbery fuel presents a beautifully balanced bouquet of exotic terps that are so funky only a stoner could love the smell. Low-temp dabs reveal a sweet and sour smooth vapor with a kiss of funk on exhale, sending a warming and euphoric buzz to the mind, relaxing the body and preparing the stomach for munchies to come. 

4.20 Evergreen Herbal 420 Dab CBN & CBG Infused Rosin

New from Evergreen Herbal: an infused rosin line with daytime CBG and nighttime CBN to take the alternative Cannabinoid craze right into a low-temp dab. The dual chamber container has two gorgeous rosins, with sweet syrupy earthy gas oozing from both sides. The daytime dabs are instantly uplifting with a case of the CBG giggles, and the nighttime CBN blend is smooth and relaxing, making for a chill golden hour before bed.


American Hash Makers Marijuana White Widow Cold Cure Rosin

Sweet and sultry with notes of sugary soy sauce and a gassy-ginger-citrus zing, this White Widow smells like dinner and dabs had a delicious baby. First hits are syrupy with a warming gassy exhale and a relaxed, thoughtful high.

American Hash Makers Mimosa Fresh Press Rosin

Ditch the booze and dive into fizzy orangey terps with this bright and beautiful rosin. Loading a dab releases a creamy gassy-mandarin haze with notes of chocolate and roses that ignite the senses when dabbed, sharpening vision and sound in a rush of focused but blissful energy.

Agro Couture Huckleberry Pie Nug Run Shatter

Serve up a slice of heady pie with this beautiful golden shatter, which melts into sweet and syrupy clouds of lemony, breathy berries that send a munchies-inducing, heady indica high from the mind to the stomach.

95% Cannabinoids

Washington Bud Company Gorilla Girl Fresh Press Hash Rosin

Legacy growers with a focus on medical and clean, DOH-certified products, the WA Bud Co. team hit a home run with this beautiful hash rosin. Loud notes of sticky glue and fermenting garlic ginger spice tease the senses as a dab is loaded, melting into a sweet and earthy vapor. The gluey-gas finish reveals a slowed-down, feel-good high that wraps the mind and body in a big gorilla hug.


Washington Bud Company Afghani Hashplant Fresh Press Hash Rosin

Like a shimmering vision in a desert wilderness, this beautiful rosin captures the essence of an OG strain with indica genetics that goes back to the Hindu Kush mountains and the origins of hash. First notes are of honeyed, hashy orange peels and floral earthy gas with a kiss of kush that tingles the palate as a dab is melted, releasing a rich, smooth vapor with a piney-hashy exhale and calming, talkative, in-the-moment effects.


Cannabis Northwest Cascade Train Shatter


Jump on the terp train with this sappy shatter that sends a blast of lemony gas and cherry-kush that relaxes the mind and body with a chillaxed, stress-free buzz.

Mad Mark Banana Runtz Diamonds & Sauce

A giant iceberg of THCA rises out of a heady, hazy terp sauce that made us anything but mad. The first notes are creamy, gassy lemons with a banana funk finish that dazzles the senses on low-temp dabs, relaxing the mind and body with a chill, easygoing high.


Slab Mechanix Lemon OG Nug Run Shatter

Fall into a field of freshly squeezed lemons and gassy-grassy-OG fuel that is both uplifting and heavily stoney at the same time, sending the mind into overdrive to manage a floaty, baked body that’s ready for action.

90% Cannabinoids

Photos by @bermanphotos

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