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2024 Oregon Concentrate Special

The Oregon Leaf staff unveils the top extracts in the state for our annual Concentrates Special.


B.A. Botanicals Z (70-119u) Rosin  

Terpodactyl Media

Forget capturing lightning in a jar. The crew over at B.A. Botanicals have captured a rainbow with this Z (Grape Ape x Grapefruit​). A myriad of fruity flavors jump out of the jar, filling the room with a familiar convenience store candy smell. Bright citrus, artificial cherry and an herbal lemongrass note give each dab more personality than most extracts have in the entire jar. Just as flavorful on the exhale, the entire ROYGBIV spectrum is present in every dab of this supreme extract. Ryan Herron

77.4% THC 

Brave Hearts Sherbanger 22 (73u-159u) Live Rosin

This is a pungent punch to the palate. Surely Sherbanger, this particular phenotype of the Sunset Sherbert x Headbanger mix has some fun with flavors like gasoline, dough, berries and something just a little sour. Brave Hearts brings out a satisfyingly soft, custard-like texture and a juicy sheen that shimmers so much at any angle that it appears in danger of dripping. Don’t fret, because this stable rosin is easily scoopable and ready for a seat at your table of top terps. Terpodactyl Media

83.32% THC and 6.75% Terpenes

David HashHoleHoff RS11 + Zashimi Hash Holes

Don’t Hassle the Hoff: that’s the slogan of the newest release from NE Portland’s neighborhood dispensary Potland and Applegate Valley’s Lower Left Organics. Named for the most watched man on television, it’s a gram-and-a-half of flower and a half-gram of rosin. Released in three separate flavors (two sweet and one funky), our personal favorite was the RS11 flower paired with Zashimi rosin. Featuring a fancy wax top, they have a nice resin ring and smoked really evenly. The first drop sold out quickly, and the second is on the shelf now — don’t miss your chance to smoke like Mitch Buchannon. -Matt Jackson

35.2% THC
@davidhashholehoff | @lowerleftorganics

Decibel Dabs Banana Punch (90u) Live Rosin  

Decibel has brought home a stack of awards, many of them for their Banana Punch (Banana OG x Purple Punch​). Washing this prized pheno was a no-brainer regardless of the yield. This fruit-forward strain hits all the dessert notes for a mouth-watering profile. Creamy banana harmonizes with hints of brown sugar, lush vanilla and buttery base notes. With a high terpene percentage and a whipped taffy-like consistency, we’re happy they continue to produce this profile for the fans. Best of all, unlike typical fruity profiles, the effect of this punch actually hits. Ryan Herron

69.9% THC and 12.12% Terpenes

Dirty Arm Farm G41 Cold Cure Solventless

Terpodactyl Media

Dirty Arm Farm is coming out swinging with their G41 solventless rosin. It’s a gorgeous, golden cold cure that’s so saturated with terps it looks saucy. Appearing almost jam-like in texture and viscosity, the concentrate is surprisingly easy to maneuver and dab. The aroma has a sharp, pine-heavy forward followed by a creamy, dessert-like body. It’s sweet, it’s tangy, and the smell alone is enough to make the mouth water. User beware: the effect on G41 is seriously spacey. It produces a weighty, intoxicating sensation that diffuses through the body moments after the first hit. -Jamie Owens

68.5% THC, 8.9% and Terpenes

Focus North Papa Don Live Rosin

Terpodactyl Media

Papa Don (Papaya Cake x Don Mega) is here to make you an offer you can’t refuse. The concentrate is aesthetically astounding, featuring a wet, perfectly creamy consistency and a pale-canary color tone. An anesthetizing combination of its genetics, the fragrance is best described as a splash of tropical fruit roiling in a sea of garlicky funk. It’s raunchy, it’s refreshing, and it has an elevated expression that’s sure to satisfy even the most discerning flavor chaser. The effect after consumption is stoney and relaxing, making this a great dab for medicating or even just winding down at the end of a long day. -Jamie Owens

75.22% THC and 8.30% Terpenes

Forte Solventless Apple Slapz #3 Cured Hash

This year, we’re checking out Decibel Farms’ Apple Slapz #3, a cross of Apple Fritter and Slapz. This line of full-spectrum, cured hash released an unreal candy apple aroma as soon as we lifted the lid. A bright and bubbly tang on top of the nose was reminiscent of Martinelli’s sparkling cider. The sticky, deep golden resin was patiently waiting to dance into a dab, jump into a joint, or as we preferred, bounce into a bowl. -Terpodactyl Media

62.32% THC and 7.16% Terpenes

Higher Cultures Chocolate Hash Live Rosin Batter  

Terpodactyl Media

Twisting the lid off this jar of this Chocolate Kush x Hash Plant cross-grown by Indigo Gardens releases a plethora of milk chocolate, candy bars and old-school hashish aromas. Hard not to picture a hot and melting chocolate lava cake, as the soft hash drips down the walls of the quartz and vaporizes easily at low temperatures. Better than dessert, a dab or two has the room smelling like we’ve just torn into a premium brick of aged hash. Sappy at room temp, this concentrate melts effortlessly at low temps and produces smooth clouds with a rich nostalgic flavor. -Ryan Herron

65.47% THC and 9.47% Terpenes
@highercultures | @indigo.gardens

Legacy Dabs Pandemic Dreams Live Hash Rosin

The best part of the pandemic was sleeping in without regret, and while we don’t want to go back to lockdowns, we do love this creamy and dreamy rosin that’s full of funky, complex terps. First notes are gassy-garlicky-rubber with a spicy-citrus-vanilla finish that’s enhanced in a low-temp dab. It sends warm and smooth vapor that relaxes from the chest outward, loosening limbs and unclenching the jawline. The resulting high is chillaxed, as if the world could end but we’re stoned so it’s OK. -Wes Abney, Photo by Daniel Berman

74.8% THC and 3.56% Terpenes  

Lofty Solventless Tuna Melt (70-149u) Rosin  

Terpodactyl Media

By far the loudest thing in our stash right now. Lofty’s long-held reputation for growing and washing flavorful cultivars is reinforced by the pleasant stench of this ivory-colored extract. Nothing aquatic about it, this Meatbreath F2 x Shallot Sashimi strain smells like sour diesel, skunk and puppy’s breath. For those that gravitate toward funky profiles, this one might dethrone GMO for most pungent. Though some might find this jar as offensive as reheating fishy leftovers in the office microwave, we’re absolutely hooked on the sharp, Meatbreath-forward funk. -Ryan Herron

80.75% THC and 5.36% Terpenes
@loftygrowers | @loftysolventless

Nelson and Co. Organics Grape Pie (90u) Water Hash

Nearly white and glistening in the light, this jar holds nothing but heads. They cling together and tumble at the touch with a sound like sand. The sweet, grapey scent of this Cherry Pie x Grape Stomper cross wafts from the jar before a bright floral finish. But the hash highlights another note upon pressing. As we gently hand-warm a small pile in some parchment paper, the comforting scent of warm cookies arrives. It melts into a golden puddle in our banger, and we sip in the silky smooth mouthfeel. -Terpodactyl Media

72.53% THC and 9.45% Terpenes

Sand Castle Hash Trop Cherry Temple Balls   

Terpodactyl Media

Seeing an old-school technique, pressed hash, with a relatively new cultivar, Trop Cherry (Trop Cookies x Cherry Cookies), lets us indulge in that classic hashish profile while highlighting flavors fit for the modern palate. This crumbly extract makes a potent bowl topper or joint enhancer. This hashish burns slowly and scents the room with a deep and savory note reminiscent of pillow-strewn hookah spots or members-only cigar bars. For those who have a nostalgic place in their hearts for temple balls, Sand Castle is shining a new light on this tried and true hands-on process. -Ryan Herron

54.28% THC and 3.82% Terpenes

Squishy Scientific Banana Breath Live Rosin  

Terpodactyl Media

Bathe yourself in a bold banana cologne of cold-cured rosin made from Bula Farms’ Banana Breath. The nose taunts a tangy taste with a walk through a piney woodland. The mouth is musty and earthy, yet still sweet enough to dance on your palate like a dessert, bringing the banana back into play. The jar offers a bouncy, Play-Doh-like puddle and beckons your dabber to dip into the creamy, yellow-beige of its buttery texture. -Terpodactyl Media

69.97% THC and 7.25% Terpenes
@squishy.scientific | @bulabuds

SugarTop Buddery Jedi Mind Tricks Bubble Hash

Mellow and earthy, this bubble hash is the perfect addition to your bowl or joint when you want to kick up the relaxation factor. With 54.30% THC, it’s a nice way to spice up your sesh without going overboard. We found its effects leaned lightly toward the sleepier side, but we’re not necessarily pinned to our couch. Consider this a versatile way to personalize your sesh one sticky scoop at a time. -Terpodactyl Media 

54.30% THC and % Terpenes

Verdant Leaf Cherry Juice Live Rosin

Terpodactyl Media

Cultivated and concentrated in-house by the team at Verdant Leaf, this Cherry Juice cold cure rosin badder provides a dough consistency and rich, creamy color. Tart fruit notes with a slightly cheesy finish find their way out of the jar from the jump with a taste that follows suit. Smooth vapor offers a slightly savory note but lingers on the tongue with a fruity feel that makes way for a fiercely uplifting experience. -Terpodactyl Media

76.5% THC and 6.14% Terpenes


Beehive Extracts Velvet Glove Badder

Bright and sour, this unique cross of GMO and Nookies from Herbal Dynamics is funky and fresh, with citrusy-gluey-garlic that slows down time and enhances sounds and feels with each dab, setting the mind and body up for Netflix-and-chill time with a side order of the munchies. -Wes Abney

95.63% Total Cannabinoids

Buddies Sour Amnesia Haze Diamonds and Sauce  

While the bubble-gum sweet haze profile has taken a backseat to more cookie-forward flavors, real aficionados will always have a soft spot for those bold, bright flavors. Buddies does this extract justice by concentrating those flavors into a high-strength combo of THCA crystals and sauce. Combined, each dab melts nicely and provides the definitive “sativa” experience. With large format diamonds, crystal clear sauce, and a clean exhale, it’s hard to keep this jar closed on this Sour Amnesia (Sour Diesel x Amnesia Haze) for too long. -Ryan Herron

76.2% THC and 7.07% Terpenes

Capital Cannabis Driving Miss Lazy Live Sauce

Driving Miss Lazy is a live resin sauce featuring a smooth, budder-like consistency. Given its saturated appearance and incredibly fragrant nose, it’s no surprise that this gram is coming in testing at a whopping 11.32% terpenes. The expression leans heavily into the Sundae Driver side of the genetics with layers of spiced berries, muddled grapes and potpourri appearing in the fragrance. Similarly, the flavor provides seasoned, gassy-tasting notes with ephemeral hints of sweet pine. Inducing an inebriating head high with pleasing body feels, Driving Miss Lazy is one concentrate that’s sure to rev your engine. -Jamie Owens

67.2% THC and 11.32% Terpenes

Concrete Jungle Jungle Cake Cured Resin

This Portland company has cemented a spot on many shelves with extremely cost-effective options like these 2-gram cured resin jars. Their Jungle Cake, a cross of Wedding Cake and White Fire #43, jumps out of the jar with a tantalizing terpinolene pine presence. There are nutty, sweet notes nestled in there too. As the dab cycles through flavors, we find that it bounces right back to a sweet and spicy terpinolene punch, providing a refreshing wake-up to the sinuses and remaining senses. -Terpodactyl Media

75.81% THC and 5.73% Terpenes

Chromatic Londonchello Ju!cy Fru!t Sugar Sauce

White Label Extracts’ latest line offers “affordable daily luxury.” Cost-effective products like this Left Coast Standard collaboration of cured resin sugar sauce offer craft combinations of terpenes and THCA crystals, catering to a wider variety of consumers and budgets. The Londonchello and Ju!cy Fru!t combination provides a bright, lemony-pine lift with a bowl-of-berries undertone. It’s almost as if someone replaced your morning milk with lemonade, and your Fruit Loops are floating in a strangely salivatory sensation of breakfast brilliance. -Terpodactyl Media

67.71% THC and 4.53% Terpenes
@white_label_extracts | @leftcoaststandard

Elysium Fields Chocolate Mimosa Live Resin Badder

Dark, earthy chocolate melts into a fizzy-citrus zest that’s delicious and enticing as a dab melts at low temp, sending a high terpene vapor that tingles on exhale with a rush of stoney energy that’s perfect for brunch time advventures. -Wes Abney, Photo by Daniel Berman

60% THC 20.5% Terpenes

Rip City Dabs Papaya Punch Crumble

Relax and vibe with a taste of the tropics with the Papaya Punch. This golden crumble has bright, floral, fruity notes with a rich, earthy finish that lingers on exhale, as a heavy wave of happy, stoned bliss falls over the mind and body in a perfect end-of-the-day buzz. -Wes Abney, Photo by Daniel Berman

71.59% THC

Wacky Pack Meatbreath 2G Live Resin  

Arguably, concentrates should come in a two-gram container by default. Wacky Pack gets it and delivers. Meatbreath (Meatloaf x Mendo Breath​) is a balanced blend of funk and kush notes and both are on full display here, but the gas-rag fumes that practically make the air around the concentrate vibrate catch all the attention. Bold diesel notes dominate in this bright pink jar, and there’s enough of this gas-forward concentrate generously stuffed inside that we won’t be running on “E” anytime soon. -Ryan Herron

66.54% THC and 12.10% Terpenes

Willamette Valley Alchemy Strawberry Cooler Live Resin 

Dabbing a melted popsicle might not be an option, but this Strawberry Cooler (Strawberry Guava x Kush Mints) cultivated by Bonsai Farms is the next best thing. Jammy fruit, floral and tropical flavors linger with an irresistible quality that makes this jar hard to put away. Syrupy thick but impossibly light, each dab scoops easily and melts smoothly along the quartz. This live resin is light enough to dab on frequently, offering a long-lasting, uplifting cerebral buzz that feels like a chic pair of rose-colored glasses and a brighter outlook. -Ryan Herron

67.28% THC and 8.68% Terpenes

Carts, Pods and All-In-Ones

Artizen Dutchberry Cart

Artizen has been growing the Dutchberry since its start in legal weed in 2014, which tells a lot about both the company and the strain — still a Washington top-10 strain after a decade of sales. This uplifting cultivar delivers the classic piney-breathy haze from Dutch Treat with big berry energy from DJ Short Blueberry for a sweet and funky high that sedates the mind without limiting thoughts or creativity, a perfect whistle-while-you-work buzz. -Wes Abney


Aura Tropical Express Cart

Experience a tropical vacation with every heady puff from this vibrant cart that oozes tropical-floral-gassy terps with a freshly sliced pineapple finish. It ignites the senses and gets toes ready to be dipped in the sand, even if it’s a trip to the beach via YouTube. -Wes Abney, Photo by Daniel Berman

89.52% THC 1.2% CBD 8.89% Terpenes

Entourage Strawberry Surprise Rosin All-In-One

Terpodactyl Media

Take a peek into Pacific NW Farms’ Strawberry Surprise with Entourage Cannabis’ latest line of on-the-go rosin. With a whopping 4.36% Limonene complimented by beta-Caryophyllene, and alpha-Pinene, this pale golden nectar provides peppered lemon flavors with a ripe fruit finish. Folks looking to incorporate some alternative cannabinoids will find 4.57% CBG and 0.51% THCV too. This particular all-in-one device dishes out one heavy hit, so it’s best to start by taking tiny puffs if you’re looking for cooler clouds and more flavor. -Terpodactyl Media

76.33% THC and 9.28% Terpenes
@entourageoregon | @pacnwfarms

Farmer’s Friend Platinum Runtz CO2 Cart 

Terpodactyl Media

This cross of Platinum Kush and Runtz is brought to you by Ten Four Farms. It’s a full spectrum showcase of light liquid, gold CO2 in a whopping two-gram serving. This classy and clean device offers one of our favorite user experiences. A lavenderish Linalool tops out this terp list, making up 1.49% of the aromatics and an even larger portion of the palate. But beta-Caryophyllene and Farnesene float in closely behind, bringing a fragrant floral spice. -Terpodactyl Media

75.66% THC and 5.48% Terpenes
@ffepdx | @tenfourfarms

Freshy Orange Dreamsicle Flavored Live Resin Cart

Terpodactyl Media

Experience the taste of summertime sorbets with this creamy, orangey-kushy disposable that’s the adult version of a sweet treat. Made with a biodegradable hemp shell, this pen is better for the environment and packed full of flavor and Cannabinoids for a robust THC high. -Wes Abney, Photo by Daniel Berman

90.88% THC

Green Dragon Extracts Critical Mass Distillate and Cannabis Terpene Cart 

Terpodactyl Media

Green Dragon Extracts has a long-standing presence in Oregon. Much of that has revolved around offering a wide array of options for folks seeking alternative cannabinoids, and their Critical Mass has been a constant. A solid 2:1 THC to CBD cartridge is one of our favorite ways to find relief on the go, and this earthy, herbal blend was the perfect pocket pal for some serious pain relief, puff after puff. -Terpodactyl Media

24.71% THC and 56.97% CBD

High Latitude Extracts London Dream Cake All-In-One

When it’s the top of the morning, we love a little coffee and Cannabis action, and this disposable delivers a rich, gassy and breathy cake with a citrus finish. Delicious and uplifting, it sends a rush of creative and euphoric energy to the mind in a perfect sativa buzz. -Wes Abney, Photo by Daniel Berman

83% Total Cannabinoids

Mana Extracts Grapefruit Liquid Diamonds All-In-One

Terpodactyl Media

Rechargeable pods aren’t a new technology, but it’s not every day we see a pod filled with Liquid Diamonds. Mana takes THCA diamonds, melts them down, and reintroduces them with full-spectrum, live resin terpenes to create these hard-hitting vaporizers. The function of the pods themselves is effortless — a simple draw generates smooth, flavorful hits with an astonishingly rapid and robust effect. For active stoners looking to medicate on the go, Mana pods are a potent and inconspicuous way to keep the means on hand. -Jamie Owens

77.9% THC and 8% Terpenes
@mana.extracts | @mana.farms

Moonwalk Super Boof Live Rosin Cart  

Terpodactyl Media

Instead of gatekeeping this tasty cart, we’re sharing one of our favorite pick-ups of the year. Kanaba Farms’ Black Cherry Punch x Tropicana Cookies offers rich cherry and true-to-the-fruit orange flavors that coat the tongue on every exhale. With a hyper-pleasing profile and no ceiling to the buzz, this cart is best kept fully charged and ready for any moment that would benefit from an uplift in mood and energy. A flowable consistency ensures this clear oil doesn’t get stuck in the device, making it vapeable down to the last delicious drop. -Ryan Herron

78.68% THC and 8.23% Terpenes
@moonwalk_oregon | @kanabafarmoregon

Phlame Angel Fire Live Resin Cart  

Terpodactyl Media

Phlame’s Angel Fire cartridge features sultry satsuma orange notes that tease the tongue and make way for more. The citrus is quickly complimented by earthy pine undertones thanks to its terpene profile of Myrcene, Farnesene, Ocimene, and Caryophyllene. Despite having a largely tangy taste, this live resin reveals well-rounded plumes of vapor without any harshness or hot hits. It’s smooth sailing from start to finish, with a bright, uplifting effect and easy descent into comfort. -Terpodactyl Media

74.91% THC and 7.03% Terpenes

Private Stash Wonder Cakes Cartridge

Bright, gassy citrus crashes into a thick, cakey haze that is sweet and funky, with effects that flow into the mind and body, creating a smooth, relaxed tingle that makes the day a little more wonderful, one puff at a time. -Wes Abney, Photo by Daniel Berman

84.6% THC

PRUF Panama Jack Cured Resin Cart  

Terpodactyl Media

Like rolling up a history lesson, PRUF shows us that the classics were popular for a reason. Buzzy and energetic, this sativa-leaning profile has a pronounced effect without veering into racy or paranoid territory. This cross of Panama Red and Jack Herer accentuates those familiar Jack notes and brings on some of the best traits of favorites like Exodus Cheese, Skunk #1, Lambsbread, Purple Haze and Northern Lights. Expect this stroll down memory lane to feel less like a trip and more like a vacation. -Ryan Herron

88.98% THC

Puck Fortland Super Sour Diesel Cart  

Terpodactyl Media

Puck Fortland encourages us to “keep Oregon not weird” and reminds us that what doesn’t kill us makes us stronger (with the caveat that “bears will just f’ing kill you”). Like all of Puck’s carts, this one has an incredibly high cannabinoid count, clocking at nearly 90% THC. Fun packaging and a live resin fortified with botanical Super Sour Diesel (Sour Diesel x Super Silver Haze​) terps make this cart a tasty treat and a potent option on the go. -Ryan Herron

88.52% THC

Rogue River Family Farms Bubble Spritz Cured Resin Cart 

Terpodactyl Media

This cured resin cartridge is your ticket to all the sweet, fruity and woody flavors of the cultivar cross containing Bubble Gum Sherb and Biscotti Sherb. If the concert-inspired art doesn’t cue you into the creativity this cart can spark, then the first couple of puffs will. There’s even a sprinkle of CBG (2.30%), CBN (1.61%), CBC (1.43%) and CBD (0.40%) in there. They may not be the headliner of this show, but these welcomed guests certainly add to the experience. -Terpodactyl Media

83.32% THC and 5.93% Terpenes

White Label Extracts G6 Live Resin Cart 

Terpodactyl Media

Packed with over 11% terpenes, this collaboration with Indigo Gardens offers secondary notes of warm wood and cinnamon. It’s a flavorful concoction that, despite a high terpene ratio, retains its smoothness throughout. There’s also 3.6% CBG inside, which may have contributed to the cooling calm that washed over the brain shortly after each puff, making for a purely pleasant experience. We found it fiercely effective for focus but returned to this flavor just for fun too. -Terpodactyl Media

81.68% THC and 11.11% Terpenes
@white_label_extracts_ | @indigo.gardens

RSO, FECO and Drippers

Chalice Pure RXO Mac RSO

Rick Simpson Oil, or Full Extract Cannabis Oil (FECO), is a full-plant extract that has beneficial Cannabinoids, terpenes and other valuable plant matter like flavonoids and alkaloids that combine to make a potent medicine that’s been shown to help with a variety of conditions from cancer treatment to pain management. Google FECO or RSO for more info on this amazing substance. The Mac from Chalice is potent, heady and euphoric when taken as a dose the size of a grain of rice, sending a potent edible high that relaxes the mind and body. -Wes Abney, Photo by Daniel Berman

63.9% THC and 1.24% CBD

Hapy Kitchen Dead Head OG RSO

Terpodactyl Media

Hapy Kitchen has been a staple for “artisan and affordable” products. While this Oregon-owned brand has made its name with tasty treats like gooey chocolate brownies, buttery-soft cookies and delectable gummies, they’ve also ventured into a more inclusive, medicinally-minded direction. From tinctures to their latest line of RSO, Hapy Kitchen is cooking up options. This Dead Head OG full-spectrum extract in classic form is a fine choice for those looking to heal with a heavy dose of relaxation. -Terpodactyl Media 

535mg THC/package | 26.75mg THC/serving

Loyal Oil Co. Kush Mints CBG FECO

Loyal Oil Co.’s Full Extract Cannabis Oil is a simple and functional way to dose CBG. Presented in a plastic syringe with a plunger and measurements printed on the side, the vial looks like a little golden test tube of honey. The FECO can be eaten alone, put in capsules or paired with a number of foods comfortably. The effect hits fast — featuring a mildly intoxicating high that’s both uplifting and energizing. Given the ability of CGB to reduce pain and inflammation, it’s a solid option for both medical and recreational consumption. -Jamie Owens

5.7mg THC, 6mg CBD, 5.9CBG/Serving | 288.2mg THC, 302.6mg CBD, 297.6mg CBG/Package

Mama Lou’s CBD RSO

Terpodactyl Media

RSO is such an important tool in a patient’s pursuit of pain management, and Mama Lou’s (brought to you by the CO2 Company) is looking out for patients of the plant on every path. With options like THC/CBD, CBG, CBD, or solely THC-based RSO, there’s always something to soothe your needs. This year, we’re reaching for their CBD formulation. It contains just a trace of THC, which we love to boost effect. But most of the magic here is in the clean, clear-headed feel that the CBD provides. -Terpodactyl Media

570.7mg CBD and 78.9mg THC/package  | 11.4mg CBD and 1.5mg THC/serving
@whomamalou | @the_co2_company

Rebel Roots Farm Blueberry Muffin Live Resin Dripper   

Terpodactyl Media

If you’ve tried Rebel Roots Nova Nectar, you already know. This activated live resin cross of Blueberry x Purple Panty Dropper​ can be eaten, dabbed or used to enhance whatever bowl or joint is next in the rotation. If you’re just learning this now, consider yourself newly informed on one of the most flavorful and versatile products at your local dispensary. Beyond dabbing this subtly scented oil, we’ve been using it to enhance our summer s’mores for a sticky, stoney treat. -Ryan Herron

77.1% THC

Riptide Vanilla Frosting Live Resin RSO  

Terpodactyl Media

One of the best expressions of a dessert-leaning profile, Vanilla Frosting (Humboldt Frost x Humboldt Gelato Bx3) has been winning cups in California and beyond. Riptide saw the medicinal value in this flavorful strain and gave it the RSO treatment. Thorough with the cannabinoid counts and terpene percentages, the packaging here has more info than the peppermint soap at the co-op grocers. With a high cannabinoid count and ultra-refined color and clarity, Riptide has created a product that outperforms most other offerings in the category. -Ryan Herron

87.46% THC

Siskiyou Sungrown 1:1 RSO 

Terpodactyl Media

Grown in the native soil of sunny southern Oregon, this whole-plant extract is made with regenerative and sustainable practices and extracted with organic cane alcohol. Siskiyou Sungrown has provided patients with reliable RSO since 2014, so they’ve learned a few things along the way – like the addition of empty capsules in each package. We love this since it can sometimes be a task to consume concentrates of this caliber. But with one drop in a capsule, we can easily dose on the go without any unwanted taste. -Terpodactyl Media

311.5mg THC and 322.4mg CBD/package | 6.23mg THC and 6.45mg CBD/serving

This article was originally published in the July 2024 issue of Oregon Leaf.

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