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Off the Shelf – Priced Right Prerolls

These prerolls offer all of the convenience, with none of the trim or shake.

Photo by Daniel Berman

There’s a preconceived notion that all pre-rolls are made with bottom-of-the-bin material, but this month’s Off the Shelf is here to break that stigma. In honor of the proper pre-roll, we’re featuring two-pack versions that are both all-bud and budget-friendly! That’s right – all of the convenience with none of the trim or shake. 

Lazy Bee Gardens

Bacio Bars

Lazy Bee Gardens is known for its sustainably sungrown, award-winning Cannabis out of Washington’s scenic Methow Valley. This hybrid cross of Wonka Bars x Gelato was bred in-house back in the summer of 2020 by crossing a Wonka Bars male to a Bacio Gelato female. A balanced blend of both its parents, the gas hits hard from the Bacio Gelato, followed by funk on the finish from the Wonka Bars. This strain remains a staff favorite around the Lazy Bee farm to this day and is also quite the crowd pleaser – taking home the 2022 Craft Cup for Best Light Dep Flower and Best Pre-Roll! We also love how their two-pack tubes feature a full terpene breakdown, with this particular strain being dominant in pinene for a relaxing and cerebral high. 

Total THC: 22%
0.6 grams per preroll | 1.2 grams per package
lazybeegardens.com | @lazybeegardens

Lilac City Gardens 


Established in 2014, Lilac City Gardens grows artisan Cannabis just west of Spokane out in Airway Heights. Warhead is a signature strain and one of the only sativas in the Lilac City lineup, bred in-house by crossing Sour Apples with Cherry Cookies. Like a sour candy, she’s sweet and fruity at first then hits with a surprisingly tart punch. Ultra-uplifting effects make this strain great for a wake-and-bake sesh – we recommend pairing a full-flower Warhead pre-roll with your morning brew and a slice of toast slathered in fresh cherry jam. As a bonus, these packs come with a sulphurless strike-anywhere match (meaning no lighter is required for ultimate on-the-go convenience) and feature a glow-in-the-dark tube! 

Total THC: 16.3%
0.5 grams per preroll | 1 gram per package

The Happy Cannabis Co. 

Gelato Cake

These two-pack, all-bud pre-rolls contain sun-infused flower grown by Sound Cannabis on their farm on the Washington Coast, and we’ve gotta give a special shoutout to Flora – one of the “farm family members who is the hands and heart behind every single pre-roll” at Happy Cannabis Co. She grinds all the flower (with specific grind settings based on the bud structure of each strain) and knocks every single joint, which explains why her name is on the labels! This Gelato Cake crosses Gelato 33 x Wedding Cake with a bold gassy inhale and a sweet, sugary exhale. Indica dominant and one of the most sedative strains in the Happy Cannabis Co. lineup, the effects are potent and long-lasting. If you’re looking for a solid night’s sleep or want to take a journey to outer space after your joint, this gelato takes the cake.

Total THC: 22.86%
0.5 grams per preroll | 1 gram per package

Fire Bros.

Crepe Ape 

The Fire Bros. two-packs boast the slogan “All Killer, No Filler” – referring to the full flower nature of their pre-rolls and the lack of pesticides in their grow. Crepe Ape, an indica strain made by crossing a male Project 4516 plant with London Pound Cake 75 x Kush Mints, is dedicated to one of the original Fire Bros. crew and an old buddy of the team to this day @heavysugar. After getting into non-fungible tokens (NFTs), he thought it would be fun to do an homage to his Bored Ape Yacht Club NFT on a label. The Crepe Ape special edition collab was born and has since become the brand’s best-selling strain! It’s all lemon at first, with a nutty and doughy flavor reminiscent of vanilla cookies on the exhale.

Total THC: 19.98%
0.5 grams per preroll | 1 gram per package
firebros206.com | @firebros

Photos by @bermanphotos

This article was originally published in the March 2023 issue of Northwest Leaf.

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