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DC Provides Job Protections For Marijuana Users

DC’s law prohibits employers refusing to hire, firing, suspending, failing to promote, or demoting based on Cannabis use

Four Arkansas Medical Marijuana Co’s Hit With RICO Lawsuit

The lawsuit alleges 4 companies conspired to inflate THC levels on the labels of products sold to Arkansas patients

Marijuana Demand, Prices Plummet In Oregon

Not everything is increasing in price. The price of legal marijuana in Oregon has been in freefall over the past year

Missouri Marijuana Growers Lose Licenses, Destroy Weed

Politically connected Cannabis farmers in Missouri must destroy marijuana products and give up their licenses

Detroit Couple Operate Marijuana-Friendly Bed and Breakfast

Copper House is Detroit’s first weed-friendly bed and breakfast, and is thriving among travelers. It also hosts events

Gov. Newsom Wants To Lower Marijuana Taxes In California

But marijuana business owners said the plan falls short of what’s needed to revive a struggling adult-use weed market

Cannabis Sales In Steep Decline As Pandemic Restrictions Ease

Cabin fever is good for weed sales, which hit record numbers during the pandemic. But those levels are now plummeting

Illinois Bill To Protect Pot Smokers’ Jobs Backed By Dems

A proposal to prohibit firing Illinois workers for marijuana in their systems moved closer to passage earlier this month

Khalifa Kush Comes to Cali

Khalifa’s name has been practically synonymous with weed since the start of his career.

Colorado Could Ban Firing Employees For Marijuana Use

“Marijuana is legal in Colorado,” said Rep. Brianna Titone. “They should be able to enjoy the legal things that we have”

Massachusetts: Marijuana Tax Dollars Top Alcohol

Excise taxes on Cannabis for adult use have exceeded alcohol excise taxes for the first time in Massachusetts

Montana: $1.5 Million In Legal Marijuana Sales First 2 Days

Montana marijuana shops made their first sales to adult-use customers on New Year’s Day. It was a big day.

Philadelphia Bans Pre-Employment Marijuana Testing

Oh happy day! Philly joins New York City and the state of Nevada to prohibit outright pre-employment marijuana testing

Ready Or Not, Here It Comes: Marijuana-Infused Whiskey

Once it becomes legally permissible, Breckenridge Distillery will help develop Cannabis-infused non-alcoholic bourbon

Congress Leaves Marijuana Banking Reform Hanging

A last-chance effort to pass federal Cannabis banking reform by including it in Congress’s military spending bill failed

San Francisco Halts Marijuana Tax To Fight Untaxed Weed

San Francisco suspended the city’s Cannabis Business Tax through the end of 2022 in a move meant to curb untaxed sales

64,000 Lb. Michigan Marijuana Recall: ‘Bureaucratic Abuse’?

Viridis, the largest Cannabis testing lab in Michigan, is accusing state regulators of a politically motivated attack

Washington Relaxes Cannabis License Background Checks

After 9 years, Washington state officials overseeing the industry are finally chilling out about criminal records

Alaska Dispensary Again Offers Onsite Consumption

A marijuana dispensary in Ketchikan, Alaska, is once again offering onsite consumption, after a Covid shutdown

Union formed by Cannabis dispensary forecasts change

March and Ash works with its employees at its dispensary locations to build mutually beneficial union contract.

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