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2021 Alaska Edibles Special: Baked Goods

The Alaska Leaf staff reveals their picks for the state's top pot-infused baked goods in our annual edibles special!

Photo by Shipe Shots

Lady Gray Medibles
Snickering Doodles

5mg THC/cookie

Ladygraymedibles.com | @ladygraymedibles

There’s no snickering at these doodles, and we’re not just hangry or talking about designer dogs. Simply put, these cookies are delicious – taste like Mom’s kitchen, but with that special infusion that brings a loving buzz in indica/sativa/hybrid formulations.

The Next Degree
Brownie Bites and Pumpkin Muffin Bites


We love bite-sized edibiles that make it easy to get a single dose, or a whole package down without feeling too guilty about the calories. These delicious snackable treats deliver an edible twist on two classic items–a chewy, chocolatey brownie and a sumptuous, soft, and perfect pumpkin muffin that hits the spot this holiday season.

The Next Degree  Brownie Bites and Pumpkin Muffin Bites
DANIEL BERMAN The Next Degree Brownie Bites and Pumpkin Muffin Bites

Lady Gray Medibles
Lady Gray Joyfuls

5mg THC/cookie

Ladygraymedibles.com | @ladygraymedibles

Catch the holiday spirit with a joyful of healthy ingredients and a perfect buzz in each delicious ball. Made with almonds, organic dates, coconut and cocoa, these bites have a lovely texture and a lightly sweet bite with a datey-chocolate finish.

Lady Gray Joyfuls
DANIEL BERMAN Lady Gray Joyfuls

MoMo’s Bakery 
April’s Lemon Dreams

5mg THC/serving, 25mg THC/package


Conceptualized by MoMo’s baker April Luce, these little cookies are an indulgent sweet treat that will leave your mouth doing a happy dance. Individually packaged and created using a dough similar to that of a snickerdoodle, the cookies are soft and slightly chewy. The texture is complemented by a strong punch of lemon infused into the dough.

MoMos Bakery Aprils Lemon Dreams
Shipe Shots MoMos Bakery April’s Lemon Dreams

Stoney Moose Kitchens 
Moose Chip Cookies

10mg THC/half cookie, 40mg THC/package


Stoney Moose Kitchens has never shied away from embracing the natural flavor of weed and their Moose Chip Cookies are no exception. Cannabis is the dominant flavor and scent, so this is the lightly sweet treat purists will love. More crunchy than chewy, the texture decidedly Nabisco, not Tollhouse. But if you want a softer cookie, pop it in the microwave for 10 seconds.

Stoney Moose Kitches Moose Chip Cookies
Photo by Shipe Shots Stoney Moose Kitches Moose Chip Cookies

Treat Yo’ Self 
Cinnamon Toast Munch

5mg THC/serving, 20mg THC/package


Two of the best stoner foods out there have to be Rice Krispies Treats and cereal. In their infinite knowledge, the folks at Treat Yo’ Self have done one better and combined the chewy gooeyness of a Rice Krispie Treat with the cinnamon sweetness of Cinnamon Toast Crunch cereal, creating their signature Cinnamon Toast Munch square.

Treat Yo Self Cinnamon Toast Munch
Shipe Shots Treat Yo Self Cinnamon Toast Munch

Chronic Crisps

5mg THC/serving, 20mg THC/package

secretgardencannabis.com | @secretgardenAK

Another childhood snack has been transformed. The first bite revealed a distinctly weedy flavor, giving these little rice crispy treats a big flavor. The finish was pure marshmallow gooeyness, leaving us with a sweet smile.

Chronic Crisps from Secret Garden
Shipe Shots Chronic Crisps from Secret Garden

Snicker Doobies

5mg THC/serving, 25mg THC/package

secretgardencannabis.com | @secretgardenAK

Like their full-sized cousins, Snicker Doobies have the same distinctive crackling and cinnamon-sugar topping we’ve come to expect. The texture is a balanced mix of crunch and chewiness that doesn’t disappoint. The slightly larger size of the cookie was an added bonus, as it helped us slow down and enjoy the moment.

Snicker Doobies from Secret Garden
Shipe Shots Secret Garden’s Snicker Doobies

Pot Brownies

5mg THC/serving, 25mg THC/package

secretgardencannabis.com | @secretgardenAK

From the second we popped the top off of the canister, our noses were hit with an exquisite blast of dark cocoa. These soft morsels were delightfully chewy with a light hint of weed that blended wonderfully with the chocolate. Try them warmed in the microwave for 10 seconds for a real treat.

Pot Brownies from Secret Garden
Shipe Shots Secret Garden Pot Brownies

This article was originally published in the December 2021 issue of all Leaf Magazines.

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