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2021 Maryland Concentrates: Distillate

We review some of the best distillate products in the Maryland Cannabis market in 2021.

Lieutenant Dan OG (Wifi X Strawberry Lemonade) Distillate Cartridge from Rythm

Lieutenant Dan OG Rythm distillate Cartridge

Spicy and peppery terpenes are accompanied by a sweet citrusy flavor from the 2.1% limonene. I found this product most useful for days when I was dealing with high stress and anxiety. Two puffs in and I had a strong boost of clear-headed energy, with a significant drop in my stress levels.

PAX Pride Pod “HY21” from Rythm

PrideHY21 Rythm Distillate

Grape Stomper, Afternoon Delight and Cookie Face come together in this PAX pod for an incredibly delectable flavor experience. If you’ve ever tried the wonder that is Tangie, the citrus notes of this pod are very similar, reminiscent of fresh squeezed orange juice. I found this most useful for days when I was on the go, keeping me medicated and alert.

Grandaddy Forbidden Punch Cartridge from Airopro

Airopro Cartrdiges

Airpro cartridge battery combos vibrate when you are inhaling, indicating the pen is working and you aren’t wasting your breath. The flavor reminded me of Smarties or any sweet candy filling my mouth. I noticed this strain alleviated my anxiety and loosened up the stress I was carrying around from a long day.

Cake N’ Chem Cartridge from Strane

Cakenchem Strane Cartridge

Just like the flower, these Cake n’ Chem cartridges are super gassy and doughy in their flavor. After taking a few hits I felt giggly and hungry, almost like the first time I ever got high. I used this before bed to get into the right mind frame for a restful night’s sleep.

Distillate Cartridges from Evermore

Evermore Distillate Cartridges

I was lucky enough to try both Londoner’s Fancy and Summer Delight vape cartridges from Evermore. Both of these cartridges were bursting with terpenes and as hybrids with balanced terpene profiles, I used them at all times of the day. My favorite was the Londoner’s Fancy – due to its high limonene content.

Distillate Dart Pods from Evermore

Evermore Dart Pods

Evermore is constantly working on new strains to release in many forms, including their dart pods. After trying out the Tropicanna Shortcake and Key West OG, I couldn’t stop smoking the Tropicanna. The flavor reminded me of freshly squeezed orange juice and after a few hits, I felt a heightened sense of awareness and energy.

Distillate Cartridges from Verano

Verano Distillate Cartridge

Distillate cartridges from Verano come in both their Essence and Reserve product lines. The Essence was loaded with almost 10% terpenes, while the Reserve came in at just over 4% terpenes. The Pineapple Diesel smelled and tasted like a piece of candy, and the Wedding Cake was more on the gassy end of the spectrum. I was constantly switching between the two, to balance their flavor and effectiveness.

Citrus Sap Terpene Enriched Distillate Cartridge from Culta

Culta Distillate Cartridge

If you’ve smoked Citrus Sap in any form in the past, you know how powerful the citrus flavor and aroma can be. This cartridge tasted like biting into a tangerine that you just picked fresh off a tree. I felt a strong amount of clean energy after taking just one hit.

This article was originally published in the July 2021 issue of all Leaf Magazines.

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