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California’s Delta Boyz

Delta Boyz is without a doubt the face of Isleton Cannabis, but the city wasn’t always so 420-friendly.

Mike Rosati

Nestled halfway between the state capitol and the Bay Area – just before where the Sacramento River meets the San Joaquin – lies the tiny, historic town of Isleton, where you might be surprised to find some of the best Cannabis concentrates on the planet. 

“We are a hash-centric club,” boasts Delta Boyz owner Sebastian Moldanado. “If you look at our menu, you’re going to see 710 Labs, Hash and Flowers, Frosty’s and True Hash. We always have the headiest hash, the strongest BHO, all the cold fire, all the good shit.”

Many of the best flower brands in the state also grace their shelves. Recent Emerald Cup winners Fig Farms, the eternal heat of CAM and SOG Army, just to name a few. That doesn’t even include all the crazy flower brands like Money Trees and the Delta Boyz’ own house line that is sold at other stores outside their umbrella. There’s also a whole bunch of killer pot they grow for other people too (that Maldonado can’t get into details on). 

But we’re talking about the celebration of hash that happens daily at Delta Boyz. True Hash is one of the brands that fall under the wider Delta Boyz umbrella, as is the dispensary’s house hash line – all of which are produced in the solventless and hydrocarbon hash labs located just a short walk from the dispensary right there in town. Isleton is also home to their production, manufacturing and distribution facilities as well. 

It’s not just what’s on their shelves that makes this dispensary special, though. The last business at the end of Main Street, as you face the dispensary you’re immediately struck with a feeling like you’re looking at a historic structure, especially as compared to all of the Apple Store impersonators that are becoming all the rage these days. That aura holds up as you walk up to the receptionist window that feels like something out of the wild west. In fact, back in the day, the upstairs portion of the building served as the local brothel. But recently, Maldonado converted that space into a consumption lounge, and all of the private rooms off the main central lounge are now accessible for people to sesh in. 

Delta Boyz is without a doubt the face of Isleton Cannabis, but the city wasn’t always so 420-friendly – Maldonado worked for years to turn the town’s excellent geographic location for a Cannabis business to his favor. 

“So I found a local municipality. I found three or four property owners. I signed a letter of intent to buy their property contingent on the city passing some sort of law. I got the laws passed. Basically single-handedly and with my buddy across the street,” Maldonado told Leaf. 

The town was dead, the price of real estate was cheap, and it set up the Delta Boyz to go as hard as they are now all these years later. This will be the first 7/10 they will be able to party and celebrate in their new lounge. So if you ever happen to be passing through the area, be sure to visit the Delta Boyz dispensary – the jewel of Isleton’s Cannabis crown. 

Photos by @rosatiphotos

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This article was originally published in the July 2022 issue of California Leaf.

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