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2021 California Edibles Special: Chocolates

Explore the wild world of California's Cannabis-infused chocolates in our annual edibles roundup!

Photo by Tom Bowers

Daydreamers Chocolates
Pumpkin Pie & Graham Cracker Crust and Peppermint Bark

100mg/pkg – 1 piece/serving – 10mg/serving

daydreamerschocolates.com | @daydreamerschocolates

Daydreamers Chocolates takes the guesswork out of your edibles consumption, breaking down their chocolates into perfect bite size morsels that each weigh in at 10mg. Their lineup of flavors is seriously mouthwatering and even includes delicious fall and winter seasonal offerings. As an added bonus, the individually packaged nature of each bite helps to keep the product fresh – significantly curbing the likelihood that you’ll down an entire 100mg bar in one sitting!

Papa & Barkley
Releaf Chocolate

10mg THC/serving, 100mg THC/package

papaandbarkley.com | @papaandbarkley

High quality, well-tempered chocolate paired with a slight sprinkling of sea salt. When you’re as good at what you do as Papa & Barkley is – something that translates to all of their edible and therapeutic products – you don’t really need anything else to make a stellar chocolate bar. If you’ve never slid open a P&B tray and broken a hunk off of a Releaf bar with a satisfying thunk, well, you’ll just have to remedy that. 

Bad Hombre
Chocolate Obscuro y de Leche

100mg THC/package

badhombrecannabis.com | @badhombrecannabis

Careful, the Bad Hombre isn’t just a clever name. This tiny pouch may look like it holds a single dose, but within you’ll find a full 10 servings in a small bar that could be a single bite for many people. The Hombre’s chocolate game is on point, with solid but creamy texture and roasty flavors – just take it a nibble at a time.

Terra Espresso Bean Bites

5mg THC/serving, 100mg THC/package

kivaconfections.com | @madebykiva

Sink your teeth through a soft chocolate shell to pierce the espresso bean within, splintering the husk, scattering bitter roasted shards like delicious shrapnel in your mouth. Kiva has another delectable hit on its hands here, and it comes with a welcome caffeinated kick. 

Jelly Wizard
Magic Morsels

10mg THC/serving, 100mg THC/package

Jellywizardcannabis.co | @jellywizard707

Like something a unicorn would eat, the Magic Morsels look like little domes of white chocolate permeated by rainbow sprinkles. As with Jelly Wizard’s rosin jellies, the Magic Morsels don’t shy away from the herbaceous Cannabis character, instead embracing it as its own delicious flavor component. Those of you who shy away from Cannabis flavor shouldn’t pass on these – there’s something particular about the effect of hash rosin edibles. These just feel yummy. 

This article was originally published in the December 2021 issue of all Leaf Magazines.

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