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2021 Oregon Edible Special: Baked Goods

The Oregon Leaf staff reveals their picks for the state's best pot-infused baked goods in our annual edibles special!


Better Edibles
Choco CannaCrispy

5mg THC/serving, 50mg THC/package

better-edibles.com | @betteredibles

Better Edibles uses a custom cannabinoid distillate blend to give their products a more complex buzz. This classic stoner treat sports a familiar form factor and an easy-to-dose guide on every pack. These maximum strength edibles are an easy solution when you want chocolate, marshmallow – and 50mg in just two bites.

SDK Snacks
Snickerdoodle Cookie

5.09mg THC/serving, 50.98mg THC/package

sdksnacks.com | @sdksnacks

Billed as “the original good-for-you Cannabis snack,” it’s refreshing to see an ingredients list that reads like if the cool grandma handed you down her *wink* special cookie recipe. Ideal for munching down in your car seconds before you greet the family for the holidays, or better yet, doubled up around an ice cream center – this timeless cinnamon cookie is a classic for a reason.

SDK Snacks Snickerdoodle
DANIEL BERMAN SDK Snacks Snickerdoodle Cookie

Snickerdoodle Cookie

5.06mg THC/serving, 50.61mg THC/package

elbesedibles.com | @elbesedibles

There’s no suspicious Cannabis oil in these cookies. Elbe’s uses indoor flower sourced from local favorite Doghouse, to create the cannabutter they infuse into their treats. Paired with the other carefully sourced ingredients, Elbe’s makes a cookie that is refined but fits right in with the fam’s beloved holiday cookie spread.

Elbes Edibles Snickerdoodles
Hovering Elbe’s Snickerdoodle Cookie

Black Hearts
Cayenne & Chocolate Cannabis Cookies

5.42mg THC and 2.53mg CBD/serving, 54.2mg THC and 25.3mg CBD/package

blackheartspdx.com | @BlackHeartsPDX

Their little hearts are made with lots of love, by hand, with organic ingredients and broad-spectrum Cannabis extract. Unlike the typical flavors on the market, this spicy cayenne chocolate cookie is a welcomed change of pace. De-stress and unwind with this mouthwatering edible after a long day, and you won’t be disappointed.

Black Hearts Cayenne Chocolate Cookies
DANIEL BERMAN Black Hearts Cayenne & Chocolate Cannabis Cookies

Portland Oven
Coffins Cookie Muffins – Fresh Lemons

4.99mg THC/serving, 49mg THC/package

portlandoven.com | @portlandoven

Portland Oven has been well known in the game for a significant time for their gourmet Pot Sauce, Cannaghee and Coffins. Their Fresh Lemons Cannabis Cookie Muffin is infused with Grapefruit Durban, making it an ideal afternoon snack. This chewy and crumbly treat is the perfect balance between a citrusy snack and a baked good.

Portland Oven Coffin Muffins
Portland Oven Coffins Cookie Muffins

Fire Dept.
S’mores Crispy Treat Bite

4.8mg THC/serving, 48mg THC/package

firedeptcanna.com | @firedept.canna

You have to love the modern edible. Fire Dept. takes the gooey marshmallow treat we know and love adds some TikTok worthy mix-ins and enhances the whole thing with live resin. Individually wrapped and available in a variety of flavors, these are the perfect addition to have stashed away in the hands-off-these-are-mine drawer.

Fire Dept. S'mores Crispy Treat Bite
Fire Dept. S’mores Crispy Treat Bite

Hapy Kitchen
Toffee Crunch Blondie

4.9mg THC/serving, 49mg THC/package

hapykitchen.com | @hapykitchenofficial

Smooth, sweet and soft – three perfect words to describe the Toffee Crunch Blondie. This delectable blondie by Hapy Kitchen checks all the boxes. Chewing each bite was effortless and offered a full taste of realness, making it very hard to pace myself. The sweetness will have you reaching for a glass of milk. But what is a cookie without some milk? About an hour later, I relaxed into the calm high and felt all the vibes. After wiping the crumbs off my shirt, I fell into a deep and happy sleep.

Hapy Kitchen Toffee Crunch Blondie
DANIEL BERMAN Hapy Kitchen Toffee Crunch Blondie

This article was originally published in the December 2021 issue of all Leaf Magazines.

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