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2021 Oregon Edible Special: Syrups & Tinctures

The Oregon Leaf staff reveals their picks for the state's top Cannabis-infused syrups and tinctures!

Elysium Fields Mob Boss 1:1 tincture

10.17mg THC and 10.56mg CBD/serving, 601.88mg THC and 624.59mg CBD/package

chalicefarms.com  @elysiumfields_official

Elysium Fields is Chalice’s brand of live resin strain-specific tinctures and cartridges. As we begin to learn more about the entourage effect, we are seeing an increase in products containing other cannabinoids in tandem with THC. This Mob Boss 1:1 tincture was perfect to use in my coffee in the morning. I typically do not smoke immediately upon waking, so it was nice to start my day with a little edge off to calm my coffee jitters. —Makani Nelson (@choicenug)

Chalice Elysium Fields Mob Boss 1:1 tincture
Chalice Elysium Fields Mob Boss 1:1 tincture

Happy Cabbage
Turbo Solventless Syrup

95.94mg THC/package

happycabbagefarms.com | @happycabbagefarms

A solventless hash syrup is almost unheard of, particularly one that tastes and performs like this. Happy Cabbage goes above and beyond with this potent syrup using nano-enhanced hash oil for a quick onset. The addition of real fruit puree, and the decision to eschew food coloring, give this syrup a natural color and flavor. Served on its own, as a mix-in, or poured over ice cream – there’s no wrong way to enjoy it. —Ryan Herron (@theloud100)

High Desert Pure
Hibernate Tincture

17.5mg CBD, 5.75mg THC, 2.1mg CBN/serving

875mg CBD, 287.5mg THC, 106mg CBN/serving

highdesertpure.com | @highdesertpure

Get ready to get some of the best sleep of your life with High Desert Pure’s Hibernate Tincture. This unique product offers a 15:5:2 ratio of CBD:THC: CBN, making it beyond ideal for nighttime usage. For an even deeper night of sleep, be sure to try their bath soak and bombs.

Siskiyou Sungrown
1:1 Mint MCT Oil

3.15mg THC and 3.04mg CBD/serving, 402.75mg THC and 388.70 CBD/package

siskiyousungrown.com | @siskiyousungrown

Like all of Siskiyou Sungrown’s choice products, their 1:1 Mint MCT Oil is the perfect way to get your foot in the door with edibles. Simply take a dropper full of this perfectly balanced mixture of THC and CBD, and slip away into a world free of stress and worry.

Medicine Farm Botanicals
Lunar Elixir

7.52mg THC, 5.22mg CBD, 2.52mg CBN/serving

902mg THC, 626mg CBD, 302mg CBN/package

mfbotanicals.com | @medicinefarm

Brace yourselves as your mouth enters a botanical adventure with notes of lavender, chamomile and elderberry. Created with the utmost care and intention, Medicine Farm Botanicals’ Lunar Elixir is one of the best ways to end your day, alleviating all worries and helping you float away on a cloud. This small bottle packs a whopping 900mg of THC, 600mg of CBD and 300mg of CBN.

Luminous Botanicals
Universal Cannabis Tonic

5.4mg THC and 5.1mg CBD/serving, 202.5mg THC and 192.0mg CBD/package

luminousbotanicals.com | @luminousbotanicals

This tonic has a variety of applications: under the tongue, added to food or beverage, or applied liberally to yourself or a partner. Finally! An edible that encourages you to play with your food. An almond and coconut oil base provide a silky smooth texture. The addition of Cannabis and cinnamon complements with a light flavor and clean finish.

Luminous Botanicals Universal Cannabis Tonic
Luminous Botanicals Universal Cannabis Tonic

Mellow Vibes
Strawberry Kiwi Mojo

41.64mg THC and 39.54mg CBD/serving, 249.84mg THC and 237.24mg CBD/package

mellowvibes.com | @mellowvibesedibles

This elixir by Mellow Vibes is exactly what an “elixir” should be. It’s tasty, potent, and the bottle gets points for being the sort of thing that would be a conversation starter at your next cocktail mixer. With flavors like pineapple, concord grape, and mango guava, this potent potable easily mixes in or stands out on its own. 

Mellow Vibes Strawberry Kiwi Mojo
Mellow Vibes Strawberry Kiwi Mojo

Sips! Cannabis Elixir 
Peach Flavor

40mg THC/serving, 1000mg THC/package

sipselixir.com | @sipselixir

Talk about an edible that packs a punch and provides a killer cost-to-effect ratio. Sips! offer a sugar/gluten-free, vegan, bioavailable Cannabis elixir that tastes wonderful on its own or pairs well with your favorite sparkling beverages. Pour their mouth-watering peach flavor into a Sprite and unlock a world of tastes and effects you never knew existed.

Tao Bubble / Hyphae Wellness  
Rosin Revive Cannabis Elixir

42.9mg THC and 0.46mg CBD/serving, 1029.60mg THC and 10.92mg CBD/package

taogardens.com | gethyphae.com | @tao.bubble | @hyphaewellness

Tao Gardens (Tao Bubble) and Hyphae Wellness have teamed up to produce this raspberry limeade rosin and mushroom elixir. Each bottle is packed with in-house cultivated and concentrated inputs, from fruited-body Lion’s Mane to biodynamically grown Cannabis. This vegan formula with real fruit puree packs a 40mg punch per teaspoon.

This article was originally published in the December 2021 issue of all Leaf Magazines.

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