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2021 Washington Concentrates: Cartridges

They're discreet, they're tasty, and they're full of terpenes and THC- here are Washington's Cannabis oil cartridges

Due in no small part to their discreet, compact and highly customizable nature, cartridges continue to be one of the leading methods of all Cannabis consumption on the adult-use market. Whether you’re looking for a high-end, single-strain rosin cartridge with steam-distilled terpenes, or a high-THC distillate cartridge with a formula dialed to your favorite terpene profile or flavor, you can find something to suit your tastes in a supremely sippable cartridge.

Dutch Treat Liquid Diamonds Disposable from Buddies

Photo by Daniel Berman

Floral and bright with the classic Dutch Treat flavor reminiscent of hazy-piney Christmas trees, the fresh frozen liquid diamonds hit hard with big clouds of vapor, delivering a euphoric and giggly high perfect for on-the-go consumption.

Pink Panties from Plug Play

Photo by Daniel Berman

There’s nothing naughty about this oil, delivering a creamy citrus and berry vapor with a spicy kush exhale and a heavy cerebral high that slows thoughts and movements, while turning the body into a happy puddle of stoned humanity.

Cereal Milk from Better

Photo by Daniel Berman

Neapolitan Mintz Single Origin CO2 Live Resin from Avitas

Photo by Daniel Berman

We love dessert strains, and this rich and creamy live resin delivers a double scoop of earthy-kushy-minty deliciousness that might change your mind on eating ice cream for breakfast, but be ready for a melty head to toe indica buzz to dominate your day or evening adventures.

Blood Orange Distillate from Higher Standards

Photo by Daniel Berman

Take a trip to a sun-kissed orchard with each inhale of this juicy vibrant distillate, which tingles the nose with mandarin-citrus flavor on exhale and delivers a happy, stoney euphoric indica buzz.

Cherry Trainwreck Liquid Diamonds Live Resin BHO/PHO from Buddies

Photo by Daniel Berman

Sour cherries dominate a rich vapor that is complemented by the deep and woody haze of the Trainwreck, combing for a sultry inhale that delivers powerful indica vibes that make the forehead heavier as the body relaxes into a serene, couchlocked high.

Mango Kush Distillate from Hellavated

Photo by Daniel Berman

Elevating the flavored distillate game, this tasty infused oil is pesticide tested and processed with an eye on quality. A tropical rush of fresh mango-citrus fruit with a gentle wave of earthy kush in the background, delivering a vibrant hybrid buzz that will get you in island mode, even from behind a desk.

Strawberry Cough EVFO CO2 from Puffin Farm

Photo by Daniel Berman

Fresh like just picked out of the garden strawberries with a hint of organic piney-earth still present, this is the most natural tasting and processed oil we’ve tasted. With sungrown Clean Green Certified flower that’s processed in-house, and a pure Extra Virgin Flower Oil extraction that brings big terps and euphoric sativa effects.

Lemonder from Seattle’s Private Reserve

Photo by Daniel Berman

Sweet and sappy, this fragrant strain is a blend of Soma Lavender x OG Kush in a perfect union of flavor that combines in vapor form for thick clouds of floral-citrus-gas and a perfect lavender-fuel kiss on exhale. With uplifting and energetic effects, this is a perfect sativa for summertime adventures.

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