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2024 California Concentrates Special

California Leaf unveils the top extract products in the state for the annual Concentrates Special.

Solventless Concentrates – Rosin

Alien Labs Planet Red

To this day, we’ve liked everything we’ve had out of an Alien Labs jar. The Sacramento-based company has an otherworldly ability to hunt strains and secure collaborative partners, as is evidenced by their rosin line, which is a co-op jam with the living legends at Kalya. The Planet Red (Red Pop x Apples & Bananas #9) is out of this world, and the new packaging is killer. We can’t wait to check out the full lineup, with names that pique our interest, like Apollo 41 (ACKM #8 x Gelato 41 #31), Gaslighting (Dosidos x TKBX2), Gasteroid ((RC25 x Biscotti #1) x Lemon Fuel #6), and Xerbacio (Sherbacio x Xeno #12).

alienlabs.org | @alienlabs
84% THC

Cali Oilers Rainbow Z Taffy


Straight. Candy. Funk. We loved everything we’ve sampled from Cali Oilers, including the gas bomb Tractor Fuel, but this Rainbow Z Taffy — part of a line of Taffy rosins that includes Banana and Strawberry iterations — brings a sweet Zzing and puts an overripe earthy stank on it. Delicious.


Ember Valley Live Rosin


The flower coming out of Ember Valley has brought pride to the Shasta region for years now, and the crew has always had a good nose for rosin. But while the EV jams we featured in last year’s Concentrates Issue were great, they weren’t made in-house. The Ember team has since brought hashmaking under their own roof, and the results are phenomenal. We especially loved the Jack terps in the Northern Fire and the pithy citrus of the Orange Peels. We can’t wait to see what else they churn out of their lab.

Orange Peels: 79.6% Total Cannabinoids; 76.2% THC | Northern Fire: 78.9% Total Cannabinoids; 75.6% THC |
Dirty Banana: 80.9% Total Cannabinoids; 74.4% THC

Errl Hill Granny Candy Rosin

Errl Hill has made a name for itself preserving the terps in solvent-based methodologies over the years, so when we heard that they’d started leaning harder into solventless extraction, we couldn’t wait to get our hands on some of their rosin. We loved both of the flavors we tried. The Chicken n’ Waffles had a rich, mapley sweetness, and the Granny Candy (pictured) offered bright confectionery flavors. Long live the Errl.


Kalya SB 36 Rosin

If you live that torch life, you have to know who Kalya is. This team — led by living legend and all-around great guy Marc Hammond — puts out some of the most perfectly produced rosin on the market. This SB 36 is simply stunning. A cross between Starburst OG and KC 36, in the deft hands of Hammond, the resulting nectar is transparent. It’s like a disc of mouthwatering, mood-lifting glass at the bottom of the jar. Kalya’s tantalizing treatment of candy and fruit terps shines through in this one. Don’t sleep.

@thekalyalife | @thekalyaextracts
92.6% Total Cannabinoids; 75.4% THC 

Master Makers Soap Cold Cure Rosin

Master Makers started out years ago as bulk hash makers, crafting concentrates for brands to put in their jars, so there’s a good chance you’ve had their hash without even realizing it. For their namesake brand, they focus squarely on a high-end, flower-focused experience. Their entire approach shows that they care about the plant first, including going the extra mile to pack their jars inside insulated cooler packs that can preserve the integrity of your dab on the way to a sesh. The Soap Cold Cure Rosin — a cross of Animal Mints x Kush Mints cross cultivated by Emerald Queen Farms — has perfumey aromatics and just the right amount of dank forest on the exhale.

68.35% THC

Sluggers Bubble Bath Live Rosin


Taking the field from the Natura dugout, the Sluggers rosin line is like a pinch hitter you didn’t see coming. The brand is best known for its infused joints and its cartridges (look for their Gram Slam all-in-ones), but this Bubble Bath cold cure live rosin shouldn’t be missed. Be careful, though — this one is aptly named. A few dollops and you might fall asleep in the bath.

natura.io | @hitsluggers
94.5% Total Cannabinoids; 74.1% THC

Moon Valley Cannabis Neon Panther #7 Cold Cure Live Rosin


Moon Valley aims true in its quest to create stellar flavors for the Cannabis aficionado. Its hash is true single-source goodness — washed and pressed from flower that the MV crew bred and cultivated on their own. The Neon Panther is phenomenal, with electrifying dessert-laden aromas and flavors from its rich genetic lineage, including Blueberry Muffin, Papaya, Wedding Cake, Pink Runtz and Super Boof. The Neon Panther flower is also our Strain of the Month for July 2024.

90.61% Total Cannabinoids; 74.9% THC

Mountain Man Melts White Spritzer and Moroccan Peaches Cold Cured Live Rosin


We still remember the experience of visiting the team behind Mountain Man Melts a couple of years ago on their farm, Gaia Gardens, up in Trinity County. This dedicated team cultivates sun-grown in Trinity specifically for hash production, and that production is stellar. We have never had a disappointing dab from them. This year, we particularly loved the Moroccan Peaches, with juicy funk, and the White Spritzer, which cranks up the stank and hits it with a little bit of perfume.


Raw Sins Harambe’s Revenge

Raw Sins is a labor of love for the small bootstrapping crew involved, and it shows through in the attention to quality in the product. The bittersweetly humorously named Harambe’s Revenge is a pairing of Banana Punch and Grapes & Cream and delivers delectable fruity notes that pack a gorilla-sized wallop.

70.9% THC

Terp Mansion Z Chem Rosin 


Whether we’re talking flower or rosin, Terp Mansion crafts a castle we want to live in. The brainchild of Luke Sanders, a legend-in-the-making, the soil-grown farm pushes out amazing heat. When we asked Sanders if he had something to show us for this issue, he immediately said, “Z Chem.” It was a good choice — this light-blond goo is hitting right now, bringing the heady effects of the Chemdawg and the mouthwatering Z terps.

terpmansion.com | @terp.mansion
88.65% Total Cannabinoids; 74.5% THC

Trilogy 710 Amarello Live Rosin


The storied heat coming out of the Trilogy 710 is well-known at this point, and the hits keep on coming. The Amarello keeps up the pace with recent bright spots — such as the Melted Strawberries, which was our Concentrate of the Month in May — and features aromas of stone fruit, a hint of banana and a slight citrusy acidity.

72.18% THC

Cartridge Roundup

halara Live Diamond Sauce and High THC cartridge lines

Santa Rosa’s own halara produces crisp, easy-sipping cartridges across the spectrum of flavors and styles. Their high THC all-in-ones are a convenient go-to, but we really enjoy their gold box strain-specific Live Diamond Sauce carts, which each feature oil and terpenes extracted from the same Cannabis strain. For those looking for a remedy-focused experience, they also have CBD-and-CBN-rich varieties.

gohalara.com | @gohalara
Gold Box Live Diamond Sauce: 74%-81% THC | High THC all-in-one: 92% THC

Airo Pod x Jetty 


Those of us who’ve been in the scene long enough can remember when Airo blazed onto the scene with their stylish battery, proprietary cartridge tech, and haptic feedback. The company is leaning hard into ensuring they have high-quality extracts for those space-age batteries, collaborating with concentrate brands in multiple states across the country. We had the chance to try their recent line of Live Rosin Solventless collabs with Jetty Extracts here in California and loved each one we tried. The Papaya Bomb is particularly tasty — bright and tropical.

airobrands.com | @airobrands

Dee Thai Stick

Anyone who’s been to Thailand is bound to have left a part of themselves there — mentally, or in some “Hangover”-esque cases, physically. Dee’s line of exotic Thai-inspired products always scratches a specific, wistful itch for those of us who perpetually yearn for the next Southeast Asian excursion. The brand’s Thai Stick vapes are a compact, attractive, hard-hitting, and culinarily delicious mix of liquid diamonds and exotic fruit terpenes in flavors such as Guava Gelato, Blueberry Zkittlez and Watermelon Runtz. We’re partial to the funk in the Guava Gelato, but they’re all refreshing.

THC: 89%-93% 

Terphogz x Cookies Zeuz Pod

The Terphogz Zeuz Pod has achieved high status among the heady side of the cartridge crowd — they hit like a sledgehammer and they have style, with their brightly colored, transparent housing that fits perfectly in the palm of the hand. We crushed their Cookies collab, feeling that haptic feedback as our lungs filled with Georgia Pie live resin clouds. Exactly what you’d expect from two heavy hitters teaming up together, powered by CCell tech.

@terphogz_official | @__theoriginalz__
Total Cannabinoids: 81.93% | THC: 78.12%

Terphogz Peanut Butter Breath Tusk All-in-One

Terphogz scored again with the new Tusk all-in-one vape — it’s a substantial, solid unit that pushes out considerable clouds. We had the chance to try the Peanut Butter Breath, which was true to strain — nutty and a little spacey, just like us.

@terphogz_official | @__theoriginalz__

Sluggers Gram Slam Lineup

As a brand, Sluggers has a reputation befitting its name, with infused, kief-blanketed pre-rolls that have been sending people sailing over the left field bleachers since they swung onto the scene a couple of years ago. Fans of those little hashy bats shouldn’t sleep on Sluggers’ sleeper hit, the Gram Slam all-in-one. These practically create their own weather system on the exhale, and the golden blend of live resin diamonds and terpenes looks great in the transparent tip and tastes even better.

Total Cannabinoids: 83%-90% | THC: 80%-87%

Cream of the Crop Sh*t is Bananas


Cream of the Crop’s cartridge line combines the company’s attention to detail with single-source oil and terpenes. We dug the Sh*t Is Bananas, a Purple Diesel x Banana cross with enough terpenes to tickle the nose. Like a few others on this list, this is for the cart customer who wants their vape to taste like weed, in the best possible way.

creamofthecropgardens.com | @COTC_gardens
THC: 88.4%

Raw Sins Poison Applez Liquid Live Rosin

We’ve been watching Raw Sins since they popped up as a dab on our radar at the end of 2023. The project from partner trio Inger Airheart and Monte and Natalie Ferguson offers terrific concentrates, and we especially dug this all-in-one. Not only is the Poison Applez (Apple Tartz x Garlic Juice) oil inside crisp and delicious, but the hardware is simply sexy, with stark white housing serving as a backdrop for Raw Sins’ trademark red-and-black Nordic runes. 

rawsins.com | @raw_sins_rosin
THC: 76.2%

Master Makers Live Rosin All-in-One

Master Makers keeps its approach straightforward and pure — it’s all about the extract inside the jar, or in this case, the live rosin in the all-in-one vape. Both the Trop Cherry and the Juice Box units were simply phenomenal — just the right balance of terpenes, with fantastic true-to-plant flavor. They also showed a decent amount of CBG, which is a minor beneficial cannabinoid you don’t see that often in these concentrations. We’ll keep watching what keeps coming out under the Master Makers label; they keep proving it.

makersmj.com | @mastermakers420
Trop Cherry: 83.98% Total Cannabinoids; 76.487% THC; 5.38% CBG | Juice Box: 85.96% Total Cannabinoids; 78.4% THC, 5.34% CBG

Concentrates and Other Consistencies

Errl Hill Kush Cake Live Resin


Errl Hill knows how to preserve the terps. The Humboldt-based hashmakers have been crushing it for years in the triangle and have made some of our favorite dabs along the way (Blueberry Muffins, we’re looking at you). The Kush Cake is no exception. Sweet and fruity, this golden nectar — a cross between GSC and Cherry Pie — sings in the hands of the Errl.

73.39% THC | 3.69% CBG

Gelato Badder Chips and Crumble


We love Gelato’s commitment to the dessert angle — their infused dipped sugar cones were one of the stars of our Edibles Issue in December 2023. It makes sense that they’d come out strong in the dabbables category with foodlike consistencies and flavors, with a slightly doughy Slurricane Crumble featuring aromas of limeade concentrate, and God’s Gift Badder Chips with a look reminiscent of chunked-up parmesan cheese and a sweet citrus kick.

gelatocanna.com | @gelatoco

Purist Extracts Wet Diamonds and Badder


Purist always has a good nose for extracts, and the live terpene-infused dabbables they have on the market right now are no exception. All three consistencies and flavors we tried offered the complexity of character. We particularly loved the Mimosa Punch — ripe tropical fruit with dank funk undertones abound. “We Still Smoke” is their motto, and that’s obvious.

puristextracts.com | @purist.extracts
74%-92% THC

Turtle Pie Sunday Paper


This tasty Sunday Paper coming from Turtle Pie is nothing but good news. The fragrant sugar from the Bay Area brand brings it with a blend of fruity and skunky funk. Pair it with brunch and your favorite ink-stained broadside on a sunny Sunday morning or as an evening wind-down.

turtlepieco.com | @turtlepieco
88% Total Cannabinoids | 74.4% THC

Photos by @megabombtom

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