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Harvesting For Hash with Huckleberry Hill Farms and Heritage Mendocino

Today, things look a little different, and more and more farmers are harvesting for hash.  

Flow Cannabis’ Role in Establishing Cannatourism in California

The goal is to be able to bring consumers and business partners up to Mendocino.

Genine Coleman’s Lifestyle of Legacy

“Origins Council was really founded to give voice to the rural, legacy-producing communities of California.”

Sticky Fields of Dreams

“I love everything. I save all the plants, because it’s something special, man, and you might never see it again.”

Smells Like Opportunity

For an OG like Jesse Robertson, the explosion of legal Cannabis smelled like opportunity.

Vital Grapes

A scrumptious mix of pungent fuel and musky fruit aromas and sweet, round mouthfeel.

Durban Poison

This phenomenal landrace strain cultivated by Sticky Fields originated in the Durban region of South Africa.

Growing Culture: The Emerald Cup

“What I'm proudest about is, when you come to the Emerald Cup, you feel a real sense of community vibe there."

Hibiscus Cartridge

The vapor chases candied fruit and floral terpenes with a wash of mild, light-headed euphoria.

Community Voices: Daniel Montero

In terms of equity, we are seeing more and more genuine responses versus wolves in sheeps’ clothing.

Sour Tangie from Redwood Remedies

This strain truly comes to life and expresses its fullest complexities when sungrown in native soil.

Madame Munchie’s French Macarons

Madame Munchie Macarons pack all the flair of their Parisian counterparts.

Ted Dobson of Equinox Farm

“I always had a fetish for greens."

Trinity County’s Gaia Gardens

100% of this field will be turned into full melt hash and live rosin.

Cannthropology: Sinsemilla Tips

Billed as "the nation's only technical journal for the marijuana industry," Sinsemilla Tips was created in 1980.

2021 California Concentrates: New & Unique

We round up dabs and other THC rich products from the cutting edge of the California Cannabis concentrates market